Sprucewood Elementary

School Building
Principal: Lori Jones 
Address: 12025 S. 1000 East
Sandy, UT 84094
Phone: (801) 826-9475
Fax: (801) 826-9476
Mascot: Falcons
School Colors: Forest Green
Web Site: http://sprucewood.canyonsdistrict.org/

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Achievement Results


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2012-2013 UCAS Report

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Beginning at the Jordan River and 11800 S.; east along 11800 S. (south side) to approximately 100 E.; north along 100 E. (east side) to approximately 11700 S. and the East Jordan Canal; east and southeast (south side) along the East Jordan Canal to 300 E.; continue southeast along the East Jordan Canal (south side) to the point the canal turns south; continue east along a line of the back property line of existing homes along 11800 S. (south side) to the UTA Railroad (650 E.); northwest along the UTA Railroad (east side) to 11400 S.; east along 11400 S. (south side) to 1300 E.; south along 1300 E. (west side) to 12200 S.; west along 12200 S. (north side) to 1000 E.; south along 1000 E. (west side) to 12300 S.; west along 12300 S. (north side) to the Jordan River; north along the Jordan River to 11800 S.