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Connect Canyons • A Podcast Powered by Canyons School District

To have a breakthrough idea is to see connections that are not normally seen. Teachers ignite a love of learning within their students by connecting on a personal level. In a world where all knowledge is a mouse-click away, tomorrow’s leaders will be those who are able to see how it all connects. Put simply, learning is about making connections. So, we invite you to learn and connect with us. This is a show about what we teach in Canyons District, how we teach, and why. We’ll get up close and personal with some of the people who make our schools great: students, teachers, principals, parents, and more. We’ll meet national experts, too. And we’ll spotlight the “connection makers” — personalities, programs and prospects — we find compelling and inspiring. 

Latest Episodes:

Episode 16: Spring into Volunteering to Help Schools Finish the Year Strong

Canyons’ schools are reopening to volunteers. With vaccination rates picking up, and the availability of rapid COVID tests, we are able to safely welcome parents, grandparents, and other volunteers back into our classrooms — and it couldn’t happen at a more

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Episode 15: What Canyons is Doing to Bridge the Digital Divide — and How you Can Help

Try imagining life without computers. Impossible, right? Technology has changed how we consume news and entertainment, make travel plans, stay in touch with our friends, shop, and even learn. Yet, a surprising number — 10 to 15 percent — of

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Episode 14: Could Rapid COVID Testing be the Key to Keeping Schools Open?

If you live in Utah and are the parent of a high school student, chances are you’ve heard of Test to Play, the bi-monthly rapid COVID testing that athletes and performing arts groups undergo so they can safely continue to

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