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To have a breakthrough idea is to see connections that are not normally seen. Teachers ignite a love of learning within their students by connecting on a personal level. In a world where all knowledge is a mouse-click away, tomorrow’s leaders will be those who are able to see how it all connects. Put simply, learning is about making connections. So, we invite you to learn and connect with us. This is a show about what we teach in Canyons District, how we teach, and why. We’ll get up close and personal with some of the people who make our schools great: students, teachers, principals, parents, and more. We’ll meet national experts, too. And we’ll spotlight the “connection makers” — personalities, programs and prospects — we find compelling and inspiring. 

Latest Episodes:

Episode 18: Time for Change: How Can Schools Take Advantage of Lessons from the Pandemic?

The pandemic has forced us to be more creative with our time. We’ve found ways to make the most of “stay-at-home” orders and working and learning remotely. We’re even teaching differently, adopting methods such as the flipped classroom where students

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Episode 17 : Canyons District is Writing its Next Chapter, and it’s Going to be a Page-Turner

The origin story of Canyons School District — a school system created in 2007 by a vote of the people — is as familiar, by now, as our track record in prioritizing college- and career-readiness, student achievement, innovation, community engagement,

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