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To have a breakthrough idea is to see connections that are not normally seen. Teachers ignite a love of learning within their students by connecting on a personal level. In a world where all knowledge is a mouse-click away, tomorrow’s leaders will be those who are able to see how it all connects. Put simply, learning is about making connections. So, we invite you to learn and connect with us. This is a show about what we teach in Canyons District, how we teach, and why. We’ll get up close and personal with some of the people who make our schools great: students, teachers, principals, parents, and more. We’ll meet national experts, too. And we’ll spotlight the “connection makers” — personalities, programs and prospects — we find compelling and inspiring. 

Latest Episodes:

Episode 22: The busy parent’s guide to school involvement

Busy parents can’t do it all: check the backpack, help with homework, attend school events, and volunteer in the classroom. So, when it comes to getting involved in their child’s education, where should they start? What questions should they be

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Episode 21: Mental Health: When Does Teen Angst Become Something to Worry About?

The teenage years are a time of great physical, social, and intellectual growth. But when do the normal ups and downs of teenage life become something to worry about — and seek help for?  We recently posed these questions, and

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Episode 20: Students, Teachers United in their Hopes for the School Year

With daily headlines focusing so much on what tears us apart, here at Connect Canyons, we’re kicking off the school year with an episode on what brings us together. We recently interviewed a bunch of students and first-year teachers. We

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