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Policy 200.1 – Board Audit Committee

The Board of Education shall establish a District audit committee as a standing committee of the Board and shall appoint the members of the committee and replace such members from time to time.

Policy 200.2 – Fiscal Accountability

The Board of Education is committed to the principles of fiscal accountability, transparency, and ethical financial management to safeguard public funds. The Board of Education complies with all applicable state and federal procurement laws.

Policy 200.3 – Accounting

The Board of Education recognizes the importance of maintaining accurate financial records in order to support its decision-making responsibilities and those of the District. Accordingly, the District shall comply with applicable federal and state accounting laws and policies, including, but not limited: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles; Governmental Accounting Standards Board, and the State of Utah Legal Compliance Audit Guide.

Policy 200.4 – Investment Management

The Board of Education establishes an Investment Policy of Canyons School District (the District) to define the parameters within which funds are to be managed. In methods, procedures and practices, the policy formalizes the framework for the District’s investment activities that must be exercised to ensure effective and judicious fiscal and investment management of the District’s funds.

Policy 200.5 – Tax Increment Financing Project Agreements

The Board of Education’s primary focus and responsibility is the education of students. The Board of Education values partnering with county and municipal entities and entering into formal agreements to develop school environments which strengthen neighborhoods and communities.

Policy 200.6 – Teacher and Student Success Act (TSSA)

The Board of Education recognizes that in accordance with state law, the Teacher and Student Success Act (TSSA), the Board of Education shall adopt a student success framework to provide guidelines and processes for a school to improve student performance and student academic achievement and that money may be received from the Utah State Board of Education (USBE)

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