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Policy 400.07 – Substitute Staff Employment

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Board Policy

  1. It is the policy of the Board to provide staffing of the schools each day including the placement of qualified substitute teachers when necessary. The Board delegates to the District Administration the responsibility of assigning substitute teachers to the schools.
  2. The Board authorizes the Superintendent and District Administration to develop administrative regulations consistent with this policy, subject to review and approval by the Board.



Substitute Provisions - 400.07-1

  1. Leaves for teachers will be granted in accordance with policies established by the Board and Administration. Copies of the leave policies are included in the District Policy Manual.
    1. A teacher who will be absent must notify the principal or designee, and is responsible for entering the absence request in the District’s electronic substitute management system.
    2. When teachers know in advance that they will be absent, they should enter the absence as soon as practicable to provide notice to the District to make substitute arrangements.
    3. A teacher who is absent shall provide adequate lesson plans for the substitute.
  2. The Director of Human Resources or designee shall be responsible for obtaining qualified substitutes.  Substitutes shall be hired in accordance with the following guidelines:
    1. A prospective substitute teacher must file an application with the Human Resources Department for review and complete required hiring procedures and clear a criminal background check.
    2. Every effort will be made to seek the most qualified person to substitute. Those with a degree and licensure shall be given first consideration.
      1. Tier 1 substitute: a candidate with 48 semester hours and a substitute teacher diploma/certification.
      2. Tier 2 substitute: a candidate with a high school diploma equivalent and substitute teacher diploma/certification.
      3. Tier 3 substitute: An individual with a high school diploma equivalent and prior employee or volunteer experience in the school; or an individual with a specific skills (e.g., dual language, CTE) or experience that meets District or school needs.
    3. The substitute teacher shall report to the school principal, or his/her designee, who shall review carefully all lesson plan material, and, as far as possible, follow the teacher’s instructions. At the end of the day, a report shall be left for the regular teacher.
    4. The principal, or his/her designee, shall prepare school orientation materials, welcome all substitutes, aid them in finding teacher plans, and orient them to the school schedule, procedures, and policies.
    5. If a substitute teacher renders unsatisfactory service for a school, the principal shall so indicate to the Director of Human Resources or designee via e-mail. Evaluations shall be made to determine if substitutes should remain on the District list.
    6. Teacher requests made in advance for a particular substitute will be honored whenever possible.
    7. When advance notice is given for absences of more than one day, the same substitute will be assigned for the duration of the absence whenever possible.







Document History

Revised – 12.6.2016.  Policy – 400.07 – Substitute Staff Employment was revised to align with the current electronic substitute management system and establish a tiered system of qualified substitutes to meet District need.

Adopted – 12.14.1999.

This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.

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