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The Board of Education encourages public engagement and frequently schedules time to hear from patrons during its Business Meetings. Public comment time is placed on the agenda at the Board’s discretion, with the exception of truth-in-taxation hearings, budget hearings, and Board member compensation adjustments, in which public comment will be taken in accordance with state law. 

Please note: The Board does not engage in public comment about personnel issues. Patrons or employees wishing to address the Board about personnel issues are asked to do so in writing to or:

Canyons Board of Education
9361 S. 300 East
Sandy, Utah 84070

Public Comment Instructions: 

  1. Public comment time is limited to residents and current employees of the District, except with prior approval of Board Leadership.
  2. Patrons or current employees wishing to provide public comment are asked to write their names on the provided sign-up sheet within the first 15 minutes of the meeting. Participants must note the agenda item or topic they wish to address, and whether they represent a group.
  3. When several people share the same opinion, the Board asks individuals to select a representative spokesperson.
  4. Speakers must indicate whether they hold or are seeking an elected or appointed position.
  5. Patrons may provide Board members with written documents pertaining to their comments. These documents must be submitted to the Board secretary.
  6. Time allotted for individual public comment is at the discretion of the Board President. Generally, individuals receive 3 minutes, and groups receive 6 minutes.
  7. Patrons may address the Board on the same issue once in a three-month period.