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CSD Launches Detailed COVID-19 Data Dashboard

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  • Post last modified:September 18, 2020

Canyons School District has launched a new dashboard detailing the number of active COVID-19 cases associated with its schools.

The information will help guide the Canyons Board of Education and Administration as the community works together to face an unprecedented public-health challenge. It’s also hoped it will help families make decisions about the in-person and remote learning options open to them.

The dashboard, which will be updated twice weekly, shows the number of COVID-19 cases per school, the in-person enrollment and attendance at each school, and rolling counts of quarantined individuals. To help put the quarantine data in context, there will be information about the District’s “attack rate,” or the percentage of individuals who are quarantined and later test positive for COVID-19. Also available are Zip code-level data showing the rate of transmission within the communities Canyons serves.

“It’s important to understand these numbers in context. Just because a case is associated with a school doesn’t mean the school is the source of transmission,” explained CSD’s Research and Assessment Director Dr. Hal Sanderson. “We hope the community transmission rates, coupled with historic data on school-associated case counts helps illuminate the trends behind the school-level data.”

The dashboard is based on data from CSD’s Responsive Services Department and the Salt Lake County Health Department, the entity legally authorized to monitor and report on disease outbreaks. It can be accessed from CSD’s homepage and CSD’s COVID-19 portal.

The data are color-coded by tiers of concern, which trigger different levels of review and action by the Canyons Board of Education and Administration.

  • Tier 1 indicates 0 or 1-5 cases in the previous two weeks.
  • Tier 2 indicates 6 to 14 cases in the previous two weeks.
  • Tier 3 would be 15 cases or more in the previous two weeks.

Any decision to transition a Canyons District school to a temporary hybrid or online schedule as a result of school-associated COVID-19 rates will be made in collaboration with state and local health authorities.

CSD Launches Detailed COVID-19 Data Dashboard