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Connect Canyons Podcast, Episode 1: A Conversation with New Superintendent Dr. Rick Robins

Joining Canyons School District in the midst of a pandemic that has strained the systems we rely on to keep us healthy, learning and economically stable isn’t how Dr. Rick Robins imagined his first few weeks as Superintendent.

But with every challenge, come fresh opportunities, believes Robins — opportunities to restore connections with the communities our schools serve, renew the promise of education, and reimagine what we teach, how we teach and why. What will fall 2020 look like as Canyons reopens classrooms and builds upon its online learning options? What health and safety precautions and cleaning measures are in place, and what might the changes of today mean for the students of tomorrow?

We recently sat down with Dr. Robins to explore these, and other topics, for the inaugural episode of Connect Canyons, a podcast about learning and teaching in Utah’s newest and fifth-largest school district. Learning is about making connections, and as the name of this podcast suggests, we are here to invite our listeners to connect and learn with us.

In the coming months, we’ll get up close and personal with some of the “connection-makers” — personalities, programs and prospects — that make our schools click. We’ll meet national experts, too.

Staying connected to your child’s school is always important, but especially in a health crisis. In a busy world where we’re all scrambling to keep up with the latest news and developments, we hope this podcast offers another way to keep track of what’s important to our employees and the students, families, and patrons we serve. 

You can subscribe to the podcast using your favorite podcatcher, or visit our Connect Canyons website where you’ll find current and recent episodes and a list of future topics we’ll be exploring. Coming up soon: episodes exploring equity in schools and an in-depth look at Canyons District’s new Peer Court.  

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Connect Canyons Podcast, Episode 1: A Conversation with New Superintendent Dr. Rick Robins