Episode 1: An interview with Canyon’s new Superintendent Dr. Rick L. Robins

Joining Canyons School District in the midst of a pandemic that has strained the systems we rely on to keep us healthy, learning and economically stable isn’t how Dr. Rick Robins imagined his first few weeks as Superintendent. But with every challenge, come fresh opportunities, believes Robins — opportunities to restore connections with the communities our schools serve, renew the promise of education, and reimagine what we teach, how we teach and why. Dr. Robins is Connect Canyons’ first guest, and we can’t think of a better person to interview for this, our inaugural episode. Join us as we discuss what fall 2020 will look like as Canyons reopens classrooms and builds upon its online learning options. We’ll talk about what drew Dr. Robins to Canyons District, and some of the emerging ideas in education he finds most exciting.