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Sept. 1, 2009

Canyons District Offices, 9150 S. 500 West

Social Security Referendum Issued, Election Scheduled
The Board of Education on Thursday, Sept. 3, will take the first official step to enable employees to vote
on Social Security participation. On Thursday, the District will issue a notice of referendum, which allows
all employees who work for Canyons on that day and who are part of the Utah State Retirement system
the opportunity to vote on whether to participate in Social Security. About 2,600 employees are expected
to meet those criteria. The election is scheduled for Dec. 9. Employee information meetings will be scheduled
in October and November. Representatives from the Social Security Administration will be invited to
participate in those meetings. Under the law, employees of new governmental entities cannot participate
in Social Security without a majority of eligible employees voting to do so. The Board last June approved
an employee vote, and committed to put the District’s Social Security contribution (6.2 percent of each
employee’s salary) into a comparable employee retirement plan should employees vote not to participate
in Social Security.

Brighton High Professional Learning Communities, Late Start OK’ed
The Board approved a Professional Learning Communities model and a late start time for Brighton High
School, and encouraged the change to take place after the Oct. 1-2 Fall Recess, as suggested by the school.
Professional Learning Communities, implemented in all other Canyons middle and high schools, allow for
teacher collaboration time and extra help for students to improve student learning. The proposal is supported
by parents and faculty, Principal Charisse Hilton said. Under the proposal, school would start at
7:50 a.m. instead of 7:30 a.m. The school will work to communicate the change and opportunities to students.

Dual Enrollment Fee Schedule Set
The Board approved a participation fee schedule for students in charter, online, private or home schools
who wish to participate in activities or academics at the public school in their boundary. The fees, subject
to waiver based on family income, comply with a new State Board of Education rule. Activities carry a
$75 flat fee, plus any other fees charged to participants.  Academic course fees are based on a percentage of
the WPU (the state’s per-student funding formula) and the number of courses taken. Details are at https://
www.boarddocs.com/ut/canyons/Board.nsf/Public?OpenFrameSet under the “Customer Service” portion of
the agenda. 

Administrators Appointed
The Board appointed the following three administrators: Tracy Moore, Jordan High administrative intern
and former Hillcrest High CTE coordinator, will be the new assistant principal of South Park Academy;
Jami-Jon Pearson, a grant specialist for the Utah State Office of Education’s Assessment and Accountability
Department, will be the District Assessment Coordinator; and Shana Lowe, a Canyons District accountant
and auditor, will be the District Assistant Director of Accounting/Payroll.

Superintendent, CFO Reports: Superintendent David Doty noted the complexities of preparing for school
to start in the new district. District administrators have worked long hours, assisted with buses and in
schools, and generally received positive feedback. CFO Keith Bradford said school never starts without
glitches, but in his experience, Canyons has had fewer than most districts. Mr. Bradford and Dr. Doty said
the Administration is addressing some critical transportation and facilities issues by hiring seven new bus
drivers this week and dispatching copy machine maintenance crews to schools.

Patron Comments
Tracy Bennett, Region 17 PTA Legislative Vice President, thanked the Board for the PTA meet-and-greet
prior to Board Meeting. Oak Hollow parent Danielle Alsop said she is concerned about late buses and children’s
safety. Canyons Education Association President and Alta High teacher Tony Romanello said inoperable
copy machines are teachers’ top complaint, but praised the Alta High Professional Learning
Communities model, District IT professionals in the schools, and the Board’s Social Security notification.
He asked for more general communication from the District Office. Parent Kelli Davey expressed concerns
about crowded classes at Crescent View Middle and safety on crowded buses, and urged the Board to build
a middle school in Draper to alleviate crowding. Parent Diana Schaffer asked about district policies for
lunchroom posters about food some children are unable to eat.

Secondary School Counseling Plans Approved
The Board approved counseling plans for the middle and high schools. The action qualifies the counselors
for $460,000 in funding. Projects include “Reality Town,” discussions on bullying, and counseling on occupations
and future schooling.

Consent Agenda Approved: The Board approved purchase agreements; the Aug. 18 minutes; and overnight
travel for Skills — USA, which will include career and technical education students from each high school.

Staff Reports: The Board received reports on: The District’s 11-person customer service call center, which
took about 1,700 calls in the past week; nearly $3,000 donated to Canyons schools in an auction hosted by
the Utah Home Decorating and Remodeling Show; and Real Salt Lake game tickets offered to Canyons

Board Reports: Board member Mont Millerberg attended the Alta vs. Hillcrest Girls Soccer game. He also
expressed concern with a proposed bill to change sex education in Utah. Board Member Paul McCarty reported
on Granite School District’s bond research and strategy. He also proposed inviting area legislators
to meet with the Board. Vice President Sherril Taylor reported on a UHSAA discussion on paraprofessionals’
background checks. Member Kevin Cromar attended Lone Peak and Draper elementaries’ Dual Immersion
Mandarin Chinese summer program performances, and expressed desire to expand the programs.
He visited his area schools on the first day of school, and praised Dr. Doty for his Between the Lines column
and working as a special education bus aide the first day of school. He praised arts and values messages
inside Sandy Elementary; schools scheduling recess before lunch; and District customer service. He
also urged the Utah School Boards Association to examine the income tax to address budgetary shortfalls.
Member Kim Horiuchi thanked the staff for a smooth first week, and District Nutrition Services for its
emphasis on healthy foods and education.

Study, closed session: The Board discussed the Social Security vote and potential names for the two District
Offices. It met in closed session to discuss personnel.

– Jennifer Toomer-Cook


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