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Board Summary, Dec. 13, 2022

Note: Recordings and documents for agenda items can be accessed via BoardDocs by clicking on the corresponding agenda items.


Policy Update

The Board of Education approved a new policy governing school library materials selection and review, which refines how parents can ask for a review of books in school libraries. The new policy updates the policy that was put into place Jan. 4, 2022 and adheres to HB374, a law passed in the 2022 General Session of the Utah Legislature that prohibits certain sensitive instructional materials in state public schools. Under the new policy, titled “Selection and Reconsideration of School Library Materials,” the title review process includes a preliminary screening for “a description of depiction of illicit sex or immorality” based on Utah law, and a full sensitive materials review, which includes reading the entire title, and an analysis for material that could be considered harmful to minors or pornographic according to Utah code. Assistant Legal Counsel Jeff Christensen said that if a title is found, based on Utah code, to have improper material, it may be de-selected or placed on temporary restricted access requiring parent-legal guardian permission to access pending a full review. This preliminary prescreening will occur with 10 school days, according to the policy. Also, a parent-legal guardian is limited to 10 active requests for a sensitive material review per year, and a challenge to library materials may be initiated without a review. However, the challenge process will begin following a completion of a full sensitive materials review. The new policy states that a school committee addressing a challenge will make a determination whether to retain the material in the school library or de-select the material from the school library. The new policy says the challenge timeline is 60 days, and a parent-legal guardian is limited to two challenges per school year. The District Level Appeal was adjusted to allow a District Committee to retain the material in the District Library Collection, permanently restrict (i.e., require parent/legal guardian permission to access), or de-select the materials from the library collection. Also, under the new policy, a district-level review by a District Administrator or Board Members is limited to two active requests.  President Tingey said the Board had engaged the public thoroughly throughout the process. The Board also approved the policy “School Conduct on Buses,” which provides that bus drivers will be given specialized training for discipline situation on the bus.


Recognition of Outgoing Board Members

The Board of Education honored Mrs. Clareen Arnold and Mr. Steve Wrigley, the outgoing members of the Canyons Board of Education. Wrigley served for 12 years. Arnold served two terms. Arnold was lauded for her kind-hearted approach to leadership and being a consistent full-throated advocate for teachers, students who qualify for special-education services, and alternative and adult education services. Wrigley, who has worked with all four CSD superintendents, also has been a member of the Board at the completion of nearly 20 school-improvement and construction projects. He was honored for his dedication to increasing student achievement, encouraging community engagement, and strengthening patron relations. Board members remarked on their time serving with both Wrigley and Arnold, who both gave their final remarks as members of the Board. President Nancy Tingey, Superintendent Dr. Rick Robins and Business Administrator Leon Wilcox presented both Arnold and Wrigley with a lead crystal award, flowers, and a basket of gifts.


Patron Comment

The following patrons addressed the Board during Patron Comment. Recordings of their remarks can be accessed on BoardDocs.

  • Karen Pedersen
  • Courtney Vamianakis
  • Rachel deAzevedo

Consent Agenda

The Board of Education approved the Consent Agenda, including the minutes of the Board of Education meeting on Dec. 6, 2022; hire and termination reports; purchasing bids; student-overnight travel requests; and November Financial Reports.


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If a movie about super teachers were ever made, Lucie Chamberlain would be a prime candidate for a leading role. Fortunately for her kindergarten students at Alta View Elementary, she already thrives in a supporting role for them. Parents thank her for being a “super teacher.” She is also described as an “amazing colleague.” Whether students need help in the classroom or from home while sick, Lucie goes above and beyond to help them learn, overcome fears, and feel important and cared for. Lucie is the reason a number of kids went from hating school to loving it, according to parents. The way she exudes patience, sweetness, positive energy, and love for her students with special needs melts is appreciated and admired. One parent noted: “Both my kids wish she could be their teacher forever.” Another added:  “She treats every student like their learning and their feelings are her priority.” Super teacher, indeed!

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