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Why We Drill • Practice Makes Perfect

It takes training to hone a school’s response to any given emergency. Committing actions to memory through regular scenario-based drills provides school personnel with a firm foundation to fall back upon in times of stress. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. It establishes greater predictability and helps all stakeholders—students, emergency responders, teachers and parents—better coordinate their responses, because they know what to expect and what’s expected of them. Simulating real events also puts emergency plans and equipment to the test, giving schools, which vary in size and location, a chance to anticipate glitches and unforeseen complications. All Canyons District schools practice lockdown and shelter-in-place drills throughout the year, in addition to preparing for a host of other threats, from fires and earthquakes to hazardous materials. Elementary students participate in these exercises at least once a month. Secondary schools hold quarterly drills. Following are links to brief explanations of what teachers and students are trained to do during these exercises. We encourage families to discuss and reinforce this information at home.

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