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Policy 100.1 – Board Governance

It is the policy of Canyons School District Board of Education to establish protect, and promote student learning and school success; exercise all its statutory powers; obey all relevant laws and regulations; and conform to the highest ethical standards. As provided by Utah law, the Board of Education of Canyons School District is a body corporate, and has an official seal conformable to its name. A “body corporate” is a public corporation and legal subdivision of the state, vested with the powers and duties of a government entity.

Policy 100.2 – Board Ethics

The Canyons Board of Education recognizes student education and welfare as its top priority and that it should be central to all decisions and actions of the Board. Board members recognize that adhering to the following guidelines will increase effectiveness in fulfilling that responsibility.

Policy 100.3 – Board Relationship with Superintendent

The Board of Education (Board), the Superintendent, and the Business Administrator/Chief Financial Officer (CFO) together form the leadership of the District. The Board governs, the Superintendent administers, and the Business Administrator/CFO conducts the financial management of the District.

Policy 100.4 – Board Relationship with Business Administrator

The Board employs and evaluates the Business Administrator/CFO and holds that person accountable for proper and prudent financial management of the District. The Board delegates authority to the Business Administrator/CFO to manage the finances of the District to support the vision, mission, goals, and policies of the District.

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