#TrotForTech Virtual 5K: A Healthy Fundraiser to Provide WiFi, Computing Devices to Students in Need

While many traditional celebrations that take place this time of year might look drastically different this season, the Canyons Education Foundation is planning an event that ticks all of the boxes: It’s fun, it’s for a good cause, and the entire community can participate.

The Canyons Education Foundation’s inaugural Virtual Fun Run kicks off Nov. 22-28, and provides an opportunity for participants to complete a 5K that is safe and will benefit members of the community through a fundraiser for Internet connectivity and computing devices for students in need. 

“We know there are individuals who would love to help out within the District, so this is a way for employees and our own student families to be able to help other student families,” said Denise Haycock, Development Officer for the Canyons Education Foundation. 

Those who wish to participate in the fun run can visit this link to sign up. Registration is $20, and participants will receive a #TrotForTech runners’ bib and face mask to wear before, during and after the event. Once registered, entrants can complete the 5K (3.1 miles) at any location and at any time during the week of the event. They can run, walk with family members, jog, or even crabwalk on a treadmill as long as they keep the recommended six feet apart from others at all times.

Share your #TrotForTech success by emailing a photo of your 5k finish to communications@canyonsdistrict.org, and we’ll enter you in a drawing for prizes.

All proceeds from the event will go toward providing technology equipment and Internet access for students in need, and toward the purchase of classroom streaming devices for teachers. Canyons is working with Internet providers to cover the cost of Internet service for economically disadvantaged students in the District, which is about $12 a month per family. According to a survey of Canyons’ students, 2,549 self-reported that they do not have adequate Internet access. Most cite affordability as the reason.

Canyons also plans to purchase about 1,600 classroom streaming devices to enhance the capability of teachers to record their daily instruction for students who may not be able to attend class in person. The devices are $200 per classroom, and funds from the fun run would go toward that effort. 

Learning is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom, and Canyons is committed to providing all students with differentiated, blended and individualized learning opportunities – now and in the future. “This allows us to enhance and expand the technology and teaching supports we’re already making available to students so that all students have what they need,” Haycock said. “If you are online, or you have to go home for a little bit, we want to be sure you don’t miss out on a learning opportunity.”

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