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Thank You: Let’s Hear it for Canyons’ Hard-Working Custodians!

Canyons District’s Custodial and Grounds Coordinator Kevin Kelson humorously mentioned a light-hearted saying about the work accomplished by custodians.

Noted during an interview for this week’s Connect Canyons podcast, the saying goes like this: “No one knows what we do until we don’t do it.”

Thankfully, we don’t have to experience that with the amazing crew of custodians who, even while coping with worker shortages, keep Canyons in tip-top shape.

Truth be told, there might not be a more important job than the critical work custodians perform around the District, from cleaning restrooms and lunchrooms to maintaining boiler rooms and chillers. We’re certainly grateful for the contributions they make to keep Canyons sparkling clean and sanitized.

“There’s a lot that goes into that stuff that’s behind the scenes,” Kelson said. “They just go about their day, go about their business, and they just get it done.”

In conjunction with National Custodian Day being celebrated this weekend — every October 2nd — we sat down with Kelson for insight into the fantastic job the District’s 150 full-time custodians and 500 part-timers do to take care of more than 6 million square feet around Canyons.

Thanks to all of our sweepers, custodians, leads, and assistant facility managers for all you do!

CSD custodial lead trainer Todd Muir said it well last year when thanking his massive crew.

“The calendar says it’s our day, but, in fact, every day is our day.”

Enjoy your day off, custodians. You’ve more than earned it.

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