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High School Art Winners Announced, District Art Show on Display at South Town

During a life in which he crafted some of the most famous American art, Andy Warhol once said, “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

That advice is something participants of the 2021 Canyons School District High School Art Show must have taken to heart, because this year’s entries were plentiful, imaginative, and competitive.

“Thank you so much for once again submitting fabulous artwork for the District high school art show,” Canyons District Arts Chair Sharee Jorgensen said in a message to announce the award-winning submissions. “The judges always comment on how difficult it is to judge with so many outstanding entries.”

One thing is certain: Our high schools have quite an array of creative artists. Their work will be on display at the Art Show through April 15 at The Shops at South Town, 10450 S. State Street. Awards and certificates will be given to schools at the end of the show for disbursement.

Dozens of pieces of artwork will be featured at the show from students from Alta, Brighton, Corner Canyon, Diamond Ridge, Hillcrest and Jordan high schools, including those from Best of Show winners Maddie Thomas, Corner Canyon; Joahna Lemus, Alta; and Brooklyn Robinson, Corner Canyon.

Congratulations to our 2021 District Art Show awardees:

Best of Show

Best of Show 2D

  • Maddie Thomas, Corner Canyon (Echoes of a Forsaken Revolution)

Best of Show 3D

  • Joahna Lemus, Alta (Koi Vessel)

Best of Show Photo

  • Brooklyn Robinson, Corner Canyon (The Blue Book)

Award of Excellence

  • Lindsey Arizona Lindgreen, Brighton (Nature’s Beauties and Jellyfish)
  • Briann Gibson, Jordan (Cardinal) 
  • Morgan Peterson, Hillcrest (What Does Your Say?)
  • Marley Jensen, Corner Canyon (Fading Memories)
  • Aspen Douglas, Alta (Plunge)
  • Alivia Bean, Hillcrest (Untitled)
  • Ethan McWillis, Corner Canyon (57 Ferrari 250 Testa Rosa)
  • Lukas Rohde, Hillcrest (Reminisce)
  • Anna Eaton, Alta (Ocean’s Revolution)
  • Amber Parker, Hillcrest (Mountain Bracelet)
  • Paige Anderson, Jordan (A Changing World)
  • Cannon Watson, Corner Canyon (The Pursuit and Findings of Positivity)
  • Caston Draper, Hillcrest (The Blue Dream)
  • Avary Farnsworth, Corner Canyon (Passing Trains)
  • Gwenaelle Horrocks, Corner Canyon (An Amalgamation of Humanity)
  • Zayzee Collard, Corner Canyon (The Purple Rose)
  • Debbie Mahe, Hillcrest (Walking Through The Ville)
  • Micaela Madriaga, Hillcrest (City Bench)
  • Louis Jensen, Hillcrest (Track 7: Love Yourself)
  • Ashlyn Atkingson, Corner Canyon (Untitled)

Award of Merit

  • Mikayla Cote, Brighton (Untitled #1)
  • Quinn Bradley, Alta (Summer Vibes)
  • April Riley, Alta (The Lucky Unlucky)
  • Amethyst Swenson, Jordan (Save The Sea Birds)
  • Soraya Askar, Corner Canyon (Cat)
  • Gwenaelle Horrocks, Corner Canyon (Women Of Bolivia)
  • Elizabeth Romrell, Brighton (Emotion)
  • Eden Jacobs, Corner Canyon (Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems)
  • Hannah Zimmerman, Hillcrest (Sea Turtle)
  • Morgan Peterson, Hillcrest (Wire Wrapped Snake Ring)
  • McKaylie Hall, Corner Canyon (Mistress of Venus Victorix)
  • Mia Babbel, Jordan (Curiosity)
  • Allysa Rogers, Hillcrest (Chameleon)
  • Josh Behunin, Brighton (Banff National Park)
  • Oscar Johnson, Brighton (The Final Frontier)
  • Brynlin Pettit, Corner Canyon (Black Sheep)
  • Jackson Grange, Brighton (Golden Horns)
  • Connor Nichol, Hillcrest (Personal Boro)
  • Macie Morgan, Hillcrest (Flowers)
  • Bryce Bennett, Brighton (Still Life Reflections)
  • Ethan Boulter, Corner Canyon (Flora)
  • Ashley Meza, Jordan (Painted Face)
  • Kate Cavin, Corner Canyon (Focus on the Beauty)
  • Niki L. Jimenez, Hillcrest (Tea Party)
  • Alany Gonzalez, Hillcrest (Around the Carousel)

Honorable Mention

  • Briann Gibson, Jordan (Fox)
  • Tyson Bain, Alta (Impact of Music)
  • Mayleah Mottishaw, Jordan (Tripop Vessel)
  • Ethan McWillis, Corner Canyon (Marilyn Monroe)
  • Cooper Jacques, Hillcrest (A Child’s Warmth)
  • Samual Castro, Hillcrest (Childhood Fears)
  • McKinsey Olsen, Diamond Ridge (Look a Little Deeper)
  • Cannon Watson, Corner Canyon (When I Haven’t Any Blue)
  • Emily Snyder, Brighton (The Dangling Conversation)
  • Violeta Martinez, Alta (Yuex de L’ocan – Eyes of the Ocean)
  • Ashley Luu, Hillcrest (Flightless)
  • Elleana Kennedy, Corner Canyon (Black Beauty)
  • Reagan Delaney Green, Brighton (Tree of Life With Chain)
  • Joahna Lemus, Alta (The Dragon)
  • Eden Jacobs, Corner Canyon (RGB)
  • Madison Orgill, Hillcrest (P. Tigris)
  • Monika Serrato, Hillcrest (Life in the Jungle)
  • Connor Nichol, Hillcrest (Rigid Stream)
  • Calleigh Crowley, Alta (Minerals)
  • Elena Parker, Hillcrest (Passing Time)
  • Dima Kurdi, Alta (Seed-Pod)
  • Jack Pollock, Corner Canyon (Light Through The Darkness)
  • Clare Perkins, Hillcrest (Bloody Mary)
  • Jaxyn Perez, Alta (Who Am I? Realistic)
  • Ivory Villaruel, Hillcrest (Dampened Vision)

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