‘Getting Started’ Information for CSD’s Online and Parent-Guided Learners

Ready, set, learn! Summer is winding down and students are getting ready to hit the books.

For those who chose Online Instruction, or At-Home, Parent-Guided and District-Supported Instruction as their preferred learning path, new information will be made available this week to help students get started with their schooling.

With both options, parents and guardians will be able to check out electronic devices to facilitate their children’s learning. Schools will be distributing the devices between August 18-27, and families should expect to receive distribution dates and instructions from their child’s school. Schools also will be distributing Illustrative Math workbooks to remote learners, both the online students and those who chose parent-guided instruction.

Here is a breakdown of additional resources to be shared with families this week:

Online Instruction

  • A “getting started” checklist, online learning packet, and invitation for Online Learning Orientation.
  • A welcome letter from their teacher.
  • Online instruction will begin on Monday, Aug. 24 with an explanation of classroom expectations and introductory modules.

At-Home, Parent-Guided and District-Supported Instruction

  • Instructions for how parents and guardians can access curriculum maps, digital resources, and more. The instructions will include information about a Parent Portal that will be launched Monday, Aug. 24 at parentconnections.canyonsdistrict.org. The portal will include an instruction guide with content standards, a curriculum map with a detailed explanation of the scope and sequence of learning topics, digital curriculum resources, and recommended learning resources. 

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