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CSD Streamlines Notification Process for Students After Possible COVID-19 Exposure

Canyons District has streamlined the family-notification process when it has been determined through the contact-tracing process that a student may have been exposed at school by student or employee who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

To ensure that families receive the notification, parents of children who will need to quarantine will receive an automated phone call and an email. Parents also will receive a text message if they have signed up for that service in Skyward. The process was put into place in recent weeks and has proven effective in immediately notifying parents of this important information.  

The official information will come from the Canyons school nurses, who are at the forefront of the District’s COVID-19 response. Canyons District nurses work hand-in-hand with the Salt Lake County Health Department and other health authorities to confirm test results, conduct contact tracing, answer questions of parents, students and employees, and help track the District’s overall COVID-19 cases. 

The CSD community can access information about COVID-19 cases in Canyons schools on the District’ data dashboard, found on Canyons District’s website, canyonsdistrict.org. Information from the dashboard guides Canyons District as the community faces this public-health challenge. 

Previously, the school nurses and other members of Canyons District’s Responsive Services Department made individual contact with families whose students may have been exposed to the novel coronavirus while in class or during a CSD-sponsored extracurricular activity. However, given the painstaking contact-tracing process, coupled with challenges of connecting with parents who could not answer their phones while at work or engaged in other family responsibilities, some notifications to parents were delayed.   

In the recorded phone message, parents will be alerted to the possible exposure, the timeline of the quarantine, and refers them to an email, which is sent to the email address in Skyward that was provided by parents during the Online Registration process. Parents are encouraged to check their contact information in Skyward to ensure receipt of the notifications.  

The emailed letter provides more information about the “Low Risk Test and Return” guidance that CSD has followed since Oct. 9. Under this guidance, students can return after the seventh day if: 

  • The school can ascertain that student who was exposed at school and the person who tested positive were both wearing a face mask as defined by the State Public Health Order on masks in schools. 
  • The student tests negative for COVID-19  (the test must be a PCR or antigen test and not an antibody test) at least seven days after the last exposure. Those currently on quarantine may now seek a new test for a possible early return.  
  • The student, teacher, or staff member does not have symptoms of COVID-19.

Students must meet all three criteria to return from quarantine before 14 days has transpired.  

The protocol does not apply to students, teachers, staff, or settings that are exempt from the State Public Health Order on masks in schools. 

If the student does not meet all three criteria or chooses not to get tested, she or he should quarantine at home for 14 days from the last day of exposure.  

Canyons District recognizes there may be concerns or questions. Please direct questions by email to communications@canyonsdistrict.org. Parents also can call Canyons District at 801-826-5000. 

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