CSD invites Parents to Read, Provide Input on Proposed Curricula

The strong school-to-home partnership continues in Canyons District with the annual public review of proposed new curriculum. Per Canyons’ practice, parents and guardians are invited to read and provide input on proposed curriculum that is being considered for adoption by the Canyons Board of Education.  

This year, Canyons District is proposing to adopt for use in fall 2022 a new English language arts for elementary grades and chemistry and physics for high schools.

English language arts:

Click HERE to preview “Wonders.” 

The username: ExploreWonders.

The password:  MHEela21

Chemistry: “Chemistry Dimensions”

Click HERE to preview “Chemistry Dimensions.” 

  1. Using Google Chrome as the browser on a desktop/laptop device,please visit www.hmhco.com/ed
  2. For State, select EVALUATOR
  3. For District, select Science Dimensions CAR 25-91005311 and click “Submit”
  4. Then enter your current Username and Password to log in

Teacher User View

Username: EvalTeacher46_91005315

Password: E!1h398txdbl

Student user view 

Username: EvalStudent46_91005315

Password: E!1wpw9u1vr

Physics: “Inspire Physics”

Click HERE to preview “Inspire Physics.”  

The Username: UTinspire2020

The Password: UTinspiredemo

Hard copies of “Chemistry Dimensions” and “Inspire Physics” are available for review all high schools. 

Sample copies of “Wonders” can be accessed at elementary schools. A complete print of “Wonders” and “95 Core Program and Multisyllable Routine Cards” also can be accessed at the District Office. 

Have questions or want to provide feedback?  Use our online tool by clicking HERE. 

As part of a 24-step curriculum adoption process, the Canyons Board of Education reviews the proposed curricula during at least three scheduled public Board meetings before voting on curriculum that would be put into place in the subsequent school year. 

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