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CSD Begins Taking Applications for Canyons Online, CSD’s New Tech-Driven Innovation

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  • Post last modified:April 15, 2021

Canyons is powering up its personalized-learning options with the pending launch of Canyons Online, a technology-driven educational initiative recently approved by the Canyons Board of Education. 

Starting in fall 2021, Canyons Online will be the CSD program through which high-quality online classes will be provided to third- through 12th-grade students. Licensed teachers with advanced training in the best digital teaching and learning practices will lead classes in core subjects.  

“Canyons Online will really offer us the opportunity to act on Canyons District’s principle of innovation,” said Canyons Superintendent Dr. Rick Robins. “Families will have more choice and flexibility in customizing what is best for their students.” 

Parents and students interested in the choice and flexibility provided by Canyons Online are invited to learn more about the program at two Information Nights. The next 6-7:30 p.m. event will Thursday, April 15, 2021, in the Canyons Center of the Canyons District Office, 9361 S. 300 East. The livestream can be accessed at CSDTV, the District’s YouTube channel. 





  • 6 – 6:30 p.m. (Elementary level)
  • 6:30 —7 p.m. (Middle-school level)
  • 7—7:30 p.m. (High-school level)

Livestream events can be viewed on the Canyons District YouTube Channel.

The application window for fall classes opens at midnight, Friday, April 16.  The window will remain open until April 30.  Click here to submit your child’s application. 

Students selected via random lottery will be invited to officially enroll on May 7.

A waitlist will be maintained if there is more demand than available spots in the program. 

Lessons learned during the era of COVID-19 about the delivery of online instruction informed the development of Canyons Online, which will replace the Canyons Virtual High School. “We are moving away from a COVID-19 response and moving toward a service model,” Robins said.  “This is thinking much differently about how we provide flexible, online learning for students.”  

Via Canyons Online, elementary- and middle school-age students will be able to move through grade-level learning at their own pace and on their own time. High school students enrolled in Canyons Online can take the online classes for credit, both original and recovery, toward high school graduation. They also can learn at their own pace and place.  

The limited-space program is for the self-driven and organized learner who, for health, family or  personal reasons, seeks an educational experience away from the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom. The students’ educational activities will demonstrate and test their competency.   

“This is really at the heart of what personalized learning can be. I think that, coming out of the pandemic, one of the things we have learned is that in-person instruction for the vast majority of our students is a priority,” Robins said. “However, with that, we have also learned that there are many students who thrive in an online environment. For us to be more responsive to their needs, there is a space and place for a blended model.”  

Also, Robins said, what makes Canyons Online unique among other online-learning programs is the ability of the participating students to make and maintain connections with their neighborhood school. 

Canyons Online elementary-age students will be able to participate in before- and after-school music programs, science fair, and debate. Middle schoolers enrolled in Canyons Online can take electives at the local school, plus compete in science fairs and debate. Canyons Online high schools will be allowed to dual enroll so they can have full access to high school programs. 

Questions?  Please send an email message to or call 801-826-5461 during business hours.  

CSD Begins Taking Applications for Canyons Online, CSD’s New Tech-Driven Innovation