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CSD Announces Emergency-Closure and Remote-Learning Day on Wednesday, Feb. 17

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  • Post last modified:February 16, 2021

A forecast of extreme winter weather has prompted Canyons to close schools for the day on Wednesday, Feb. 17— but instruction will continue online under new Utah State Board of Education rules that allow school districts to treat “snow days” as remote-learning days.

Moving to remote-learning, instead of dismissing classes, keeps students, parents and employees safe while maintaining continuity of instruction and alleviating the need for families to adjust their schedules to accommodate make-up days, which can disrupt holidays and summer plans. It’s an option made possible because of the groundwork laid this year as we’ve prepared for and become accustomed to pivoting to virtual learning. 

The decision to transition to online learning was made by the Canyons Administration on Tuesday night. CSD is heeding the recommendation of Utah transportation officials to avoid traveling on roads Wednesday until at least 10 a.m.  State officials asked that people stay home and avoid travel if possible so that plows can more easily clear sidewalks and streets. 

This remote-learning announcement is for one day only.   Parents were notified Tuesday evening of the pivot to online learning via email and robocalls. 

Emergency-closure and remote learning expectations:

  • If inclement weather is in the forecast, teachers will work with students to make sure they have the materials and assignments they need to learn from home.
  • On remote-learning days, elementary students will work independently with a parent or guardian to complete the assignments and learning expectations communicated by their teacher using instructional packets or by logging in to CSD’s Canvas learning portal.
  • Middle and high school students will log in to the Canvas dashboard for each of their classes and work their way through their regular course schedules. 
  • Teachers will be available on remote-learning days via email and connect with students through Canvas and Zoom or Google Meet.
  • Extracurricular activities — sporting events and practices, afterschool tutoring and theatrical rehearsals and performances — will be canceled unless road conditions improve enough to be able to safely hold such activities. 
  • We understand inclement weather can cause power and Internet outages. If you lose power or WiFi access at home, email your teacher or school to report the outage and continue to work on previously assigned learning activities.

If you have any questions, please communicate via email with your child’s teacher or email

CSD Announces Emergency-Closure and Remote-Learning Day on Wednesday, Feb. 17
Child learning mathematics from computer.