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Canyons Students Reach for Top Marks in District Science Fair

How do plants respond to different types of music? How much bacteria is growing in the half-empty metal water bottle you keep on your desk? Can a computational algorithm predict Diabetic retinopathy? Can computers help detect Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia?

These are just a few of the questions students explored leading up to the 2024 Canyons School District Science Fair. Students (grades 5-12) from schools all across the District entered projects.

“I’ve been competing in science fairs since I was in third grade,” said Corner Canyon High freshman Evie Thomsen, one of 72 students to be named finalists at a Friday, Feb. 2 awards ceremony. CSD’s finalists will advance to the regional level to compete at the 2024 University of Utah Science and Engineering Fair, March 4-8. Top regional winners will be eligible to compete at national and international contests. 

An opportunity for students to put classroom concepts to use testing real-world hypotheses, science fairs are also a gateway to college. A good number of the students competing at elite levels earn sizeable scholarships, said CSD Science Specialist Leslie Allen. “Science fair participation is definitely something college admissions officers look at when reviewing applications.”

Thomsen aspires to be a pediatric neurologist. “I love working with kids,” she said, “and have family members with neurological disorders so that’s something some that speaks to me.”

She studied, “The Psychosocial Effects of Social Media on Adult Wellbeing,” because, while there is a growing amount of data on the impact of social on younger people, she feels there needs to be more research on how adults are effected as well.

Many of the students competing at Thomsen’s level will have their work published in academic journals, Allen said at Friday’s award ceremony to the families in attendance. “I encourage you to read through the titles to their research projects. The work they’ve done is outstanding.”

Congratulations to all the students who participated this year. The winners of the 2024 science fair are:

Alta View Elementary School

Lydia Davies

Anker Davis

Madalyn Rice

Maren Lindsay

Austin Ure

Oakley Fissel

Oscar Torina

Brady Lythgoe

Granite Elementary School

Claire Ellis

Evelyn Wedlick

Ryker Sorensen

Tanner Wright

Hadlee Buehner

Hannah Craig

Emerson Gardner

Beckett Jones

Jack Stevens

Lauren Littlewood

Paige Egbert

Taylor Henriksen

Kate Taylor

Oak Hollow Elementary School

Gemma Scano

Hope Linkous

Natalee Jensen

Sydney Dodson

Demsli Taylor

Evie Soucy

Emmanuel Schramm

Jamison Bohn

William Jensen

Peruvian Park Elementary School

Emri Kettle

Taylor Wicker

Boston Francis

Gavin Meidell

Melini Lewis

James Vu

Tomas Escarate

Carlo Martino

Milo Garr

Gemma Low

Jakub Prusinowski

Iris Cox

Tess Buchanan

Quentin Hubbard

Qual Hollow Elementary School

Delilah Hart

Silver Mesa Elementary School

Nevie Hosenfeld

Sophia Merket

Glacier Hills Elementary School

Ethan Heaton

Albion Middle School

Josephine Bunker

Hyrum Perkins

Jose Fuentes

Michael Hill

Kennedy Forsgren

Richelle Roll

Jack Tripp

Butler Middle School

Lisa Chamber

Madison Pierringer

Sophie Glime

Hazel Bolke

Layne Campbell

Lila Olson

Sujdah Stoman

Midvale Middle School

Anushka Rajeev

Rushil Vislawath

Corner Canyon High School

Evie Thomsen

Hillcrest High School

Narayani Shankar

Aditya Mole

Lavanya Mohnani

Wenray Zhang

Anika Mukherjee

Ishanth Sooram

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Alta View Elementary

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