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Canyons District Announces New Administrative Appointments

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  • Post last modified:March 3, 2021

The Canyons Board of Education and Administration are pleased announce the following administrative appointments: 

Wendy Dau, Principal of Jordan High, is named Director of Federal and State Programs in the Equity, Inclusion and Student Services Department. She replaces the retiring Karen Sterling.

Chanci Loran, currently Principal of Bell View Elementary, will become an Administrator in the Equity, Inclusion, and Student Services Department. She replaces Colleen Smith, who will become Principal of Copperview Elementary, replacing the retiring Jeri Rigby.  

Corner Canyon High Assistant Principal Dr. Bruce Eschler succeeds Dau as Principal of Jordan High. 

Juab School District’s Ken Rowley is a new Assistant Principal at Corner Canyon, succeeding Eschler. 

Alta High Assistant Principal Kelcey Kemp will become Assistant Principal at Jordan High, replacing the retiring Jana Crist.

Union Middle Assistant Principal Shelly Karren will become Assistant Principal at Alta High, replacing Kemp.

Hillcrest teacher specialist Ari Tavo will become Assistant Principal at Hillcrest.

Draper Park Middle Assistant Principal Jodi Roberts will become an Assistant Principal at Brighton, replacing Mark Mitchell.

Mitchell becomes an Assistant Principal at Draper Park Middle, replacing Roberts.

Midvale Elementary Assistant Principal Ashley McKinney becomes an Assistant Principal at Union Middle, replacing Karren.

Karlie Aardema, who currently works in the CSD Instructional Supports Department, becomes an  Assistant Principal at Indian Hills Middle, replacing Halley Nelson.

Texas educator Divya Nagpal comes to Canyons District as an Assistant Principal at Midvale Middle, replacing Bryan Rudes, who is the new Principal of East Sandy Elementary. 

The Responsive Services Department’s Genny Poll becomes Assistant Principal at Butler Middle, replacing Dan Ashbridge, who will become an Assistant Principal at Midvalley Elementary.

Nelson becomes an Assistant Principal at Butler Middle, replacing Sara Allen who is transferred to Ridgecrest Elementary as an Assistant Principal in a one-year position. 

Margaret Swanicke, currently Principal of Sunrise Elementary, becomes Principal of Midvalley  Elementary, replacing Tamra Baker, who is the new Principal of Bell View Elementary.

Dr. Angela Wilkinson becomes Principal of Sunrise Elementary, replacing Swanicke.

Midvale Middle Assistant Principal Bryan Rudes becomes Principal at East Sandy, replacing Dr. Wilkinson.

Copperview’s Carolee Mackay becomes the Assistant Principal at Midvale Elementary, replacing McKinney.

Elenoa Pua, now a charter school principal, comes to CSD as Assistant Principal at East Midvale Elementary, replacing Danya Bodell.

Michelle Shimmin becomes the Administrator of Canyons Online.

The Board of Education approved the appointments, effective for the 2021-2022 school year, at the Tuesday, March 2, 2021 meeting of the Canyons Board of Education.

Canyons District Announces New Administrative Appointments