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Apply Online for CSD’s Popular and Growing Dual-Language Immersion Programs, Oct. 5 – Nov. 25

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  • Post last modified:November 6, 2020

Now there are more opportunities than ever for Canyons District students to become fluent in two languages.

Two Spanish Dual Language Immersion programs have been added to the mix of Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese programs already offered by the District, which should help meet growing demand for this popular educational opportunity.

The start of October signals the opening of the window to apply for CSD’s Dual Language Immersion Programs for the 2021-2022 school year. Parents and guardians can apply online anytime from Monday, Oct. 5 to Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Please note, that students with siblings currently enrolled in a Dual-Language Immersion school must still submit applications by the Nov. 25 deadline. A lottery will be held to determine entrance into the programs if the number of applicants exceeds the 56 seats available per entering class.

On the application, parents will be asked to list their top three preferred languages and schools. Parents will be notified of their children’s acceptance into a program or be given a choice of possible programs on Jan. 8, 2021.

All programs, except for the one at Midvale Elementary, start in the first grade. Midvale operates a bit differently. It starts in kindergarten and, due to the fact that enrollment at the school is at capacity, Midvale’s program is only open to students who live within the school’s boundaries.

Spanish also is offered at Altara, Alta View, Midvalley and Silver Mesa. French is taught at Butler Elementary and Oak Hollow. The schools offering Mandarin are Draper Elementary, Lone Peak, and Ridgecrest.

A model of bilingual instruction dating back to the 1960s, immersion programs are surfacing in classrooms around the globe as an efficient path to proficiency in a world language. Elementary students in dual language immersion programs spend half the day learning core subjects in English and the other half learning in a target language. 

CSD’s first immersion classes opened in 2009, the same year that the District was founded. The District is now home to 21 elementary and secondary school immersion programs. More than 10 percent of CSD’s 34,000 students are now learning a world language through the program, which extends through high school where, if they pass an Advanced Placement exam, students can start taking college-level courses for early college credit.

Information about CSD’s immersion programs and the application process can be found under the Resources and Application Process tabs of CSD’s Dual Language Immersion website (see below).

Questions? Call the Instructional Supports Department at 801-826-5026.

Apply Online for CSD’s Popular and Growing Dual-Language Immersion Programs, Oct. 5 – Nov. 25
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