District Announces New Principal for Albion Middle School

The Board of Education of Canyons School District is pleased to announce the selection of Joanne Ackerman as the new principal of Albion Middle School. Ackerman, who is Principal of West Jordan Middle School, was appointed Tuesday.

Ackerman, who assumes the Albion principalship in June, replaces Larry Odom, who this fall will become an Assistant Principal at Brighton High School.  

As with previous principal searches, Canyons School District initiated the hiring process by holding a town meeting at which parents and faculty were given the opportunity to share with the district the personal and professional characteristics they were looking for in the new principal. Using this feedback, the position description was drafted and the position opened for competitive hire.  

The District also asked the incoming PTSA president and an Albion teacher to participate in the initial candidate interviews.  The screening committee then forwarded three qualified candidates to Superintendent David Doty for a final decision.

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