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Canyons High School Art Show Winners

1st Place Winners

Simmons, Rebecca Hillcrest HS Seaweed
Nielson, Felicity Hillcrest HS Madame Raine
Wofman, Sarah Alta HS On His Way Home From Humanity
Blosser, Denae Jordan HS (none)
Varas, Alexandria Alta HS Sweet September
Simmons, Rebecca Hillcrest HS Avant I
Blosser, Denae Jordan HS Metamorphosis Piece

Best of Show- 2D

Jon Marrder Valley HS Abstract with Silver

2nd Place

Holmes, Kevin Hillcrest HS Inverted Pyramid
Peterson, Sarah Hillcrest HS Flame Ring
Carvier, Katie Alta HS Crispy
Daley, Shannon Hillcrest HS Setting Spring
Rasmussen, Brock Hillcrest HS Self-portrait
Costello, Garrett Jordan HS Humbolt
Price, Amber Valley HS Wood Nymph
Diddens, Marcus Valley HS Fenced Storm
Oesch, Bettina Jordan HS Self-portrait
Smith, Malanie Alta HS (none)
Bakker, Danielle Alta HS Aspens

3rd Place

Rogers, Alexis Jordan HS Attic Finds
Johnson, Katherine Jordan HS (none)
Fischer, Katie Hillcrest HS Silver Bracelet
Johnson, Katherine Jordan HS Me, Myself & I
Rodriquez, Rebecca Hillcrest HS Three Little Birds
Nielson, Felicity Hillcrest HS Gabriel Gray
Lee, Kimberlynn Alta HS Alice
Carklyn, Garrison Jordan HS (none)
Christensen, Travis Jordan HS Linoleum print

Canyons Middle School Art Show Winners 2010

Guadalupe Rodriguez


Best of Show: 3-D

Doyoun Park (Anna)


Best of Show: 2-D

Awards of Excellence (like 1st place)

Name School Title of Art
Jeffery Hampshire Eastmont Skull
Lauren Williams Butler Sea Stars on the Shore
Lauren Christensen Eastmont Autumn

Awards of Merit (like 2nd place)

Anna Graf Butler X-Ray Art
Taryn Hewlett Crescent View Masquerade
Tayla Grindberg Blue Dragon Eastmont
Celeste Prudden Eastmont My Loves Eastmont
Elizabeth Day Crescent View Time
Katie Pearson  Indian Hills Stanley
Kayla Caruth Eastmont Anatomy
Heather Isaacson Crescent View Paper Lantern
Tanner AllenIndian Warrior Indian Hills

Honorable Mentions:

Allison Egbert Butler Griffin
Melody Chang Butler Contour Tree
Courtney Bangerter Albion
Ociana Hansen Butler Toucan
Mallory Peterson Crescent View Reflection of Lights
Eddie Maurer Indian Hills Portrait of George Harrison
Xuriel Hernandez Midvale Gaby the Monster
Amy Zhan Midvale Jelly Yum Yum
Sienna Scheid Butler Big Hole Valley
Cambri Jessop Albion Soren Papur
Robin Spencer-Preibe Mt. Jordan Work with Wood
September Spencer Indian Hills Portrait

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