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63 CSD Student Athletes Earn Academic All-State Honors in Spring Sports

If you thought Canyons District’s student athletes were competitive on the court, track, or field, you are correct. Many of them have also proven to be quite competent in the classroom.

Sixty-three Canyons students, who compete in track and field, tennis, soccer, lacrosse and baseball have earned Academic All-State accolades for excelling in athletics and academics this spring.

Jordan High senior John Morzelewski is an extra-overachiever, having earned Academic All-State in all three seasons — football (fall), debate (winter), and track and field (spring).

Impressively, a total of 29 Canyons students earned Academic All-State in two seasons.

The spring total includes almost as many Canyons athletes as were named Academic All-State honorees in fall (41) and winter (30) athletics and activities.

The Utah High School Activities Association sponsors this elite award, which has been honoring high school seniors who achieve academic excellence while also contributing to their school’s varsity sport or activity.

To qualify, senior student-athletes are required to have a 4.0 cumulative GPA or meet an index score, which takes into account a student’s grades and ACT or SAT scores. That means a student with a 3.9 GPA would need to score 30 or higher on the ACT to qualify.

Congratulations to our awardees for spring sports:


Boys Tennis

  • Austin Reich, Alta
  • Ayden Smith, Corner Canyon
  • Henry Purser, Corner Canyon
  • Samuel Bethards, Corner Canyon
  • Ty Yeomans, Corner Canyon
  • Alexander Qi, Hillcrest
  • Ian Tsai, Hillcrest
  • Jackson Fairbourn, Hillcrest
  • Michael Xiong, Hillcrest
  • Jackson Osborne, Jordan

Girls Golf

  • Ellie Whitehead, Corner Canyon
  • Savannah Romney, Corner Canyon

Boys Track

  • Austin Reich, Alta
  • Brendan Tsang, Alta
  • Ethan Christensen, Alta
  • Ethan Updike, Alta
  • James Bentley, Alta
  • Nathan Burnett, Brighton
  • John Askew, Corner Canyon
  • Mark Geilman, Corner Canyon
  • Anthony Davies, Hillcrest
  • Cole Carlile, Hillcrest
  • John Baird, Hillcrest
  • Zackary Steed, Hillcrest
  • John Morzelewski, Jordan
  • Samuel Lindsay, Jordan
  • Trent Oldham, Jordan

Boys Lacrosse

  • Easton McNeil, Brighton
  • Scott Hansen, Brighton

Boys Soccer

  • Mitchell Heaton, Alta
  • Aydan Moore, Brighton
  • Cameron Neeley, Brighton
  • Ian Mendenhall, Brighton
  • Michael Molenaar, Brighton
  • Rhett Anderson, Brighton
  • Cannon Reading, Corner Canyon
  • Joshua Milford, Corner Canyon
  • Samuel Harbertson, Corner Canyon
  • Cole Kartchner, Jordan


  • Colton Grimshaw, Corner Canyon
  • Davis Reese, Corner Canyon

Girls Track and Field

  • Abigail Groncki, Brighton
  • Anna Anderson, Brighton
  • Abby De Graaff, Corner Canyon
  • Addison Murie, Corner Canyon
  • Lydia Coombs, Corner Canyon
  • Maryn Granger, Corner Canyon
  • Paje Rasmussen, Corner Canyon
  • Reagan Winget, Corner Canyon
  • Abigail Morrell, Hillcrest
  • April Maxwell, Hillcrest
  • Elizabeth Martin, Hillcrest
  • Ellie Walker, Hillcrest
  • Magdalene Erekson, Hillcrest
  • Megan Standiford, Hillcrest
  • Megan Liddiard, Hillcrest
  • Nami Robinson, Hillcrest
  • Hailey Hendrickson, Jordan

Girls Lacrosse

  • Eliza Johnson, Alta
  • Gabrielle Tillotson, Alta
  • Katelyn Johnson, Alta
  • Leah Thackeray, Alta
  • Haley Taylor, Brighton



John Morzelewski, Jordan (football, debate, track and field)


Michael Kenner, Brighton (golf, basketball)


Ian Tsai, Hillcrest (golf, tennis)
April Maxwell, Hillcrest (tennis, track and field)
Abby De Graaff, Corner Canyon (cross country, track and field)
Addison Murie, Corner Canyon (cross country, track and field)
Abigail Groncki, Brighton (cross country, track and field)
Magdalene Erekson, Hillcrest (cross country, track and field)
Megan Liddiard, Hillcrest (cross country, track and field)
Maryn Granger, Corner Canyon (soccer, track and field)
Paje Rasmussen, Corner Canyon (soccer, track and field)
Reagan Winget, Corner Canyon (soccer, track and field)
Haley Taylor, Brighton (soccer, lacrosse)
John Askew, Corner Canyon (cross country, track and field)
Mark Geilman, Corner Canyon (cross country, track and field)
Samuel Bethards, Corner Canyon (cross country, tennis)
Austin Reich, Alta (cross country, tennis)
Ethan Christensen, Alta (cross country, track and field)
James Bentley, Alta (cross country, track and field)
Nathan Burnett, Brighton (cross country, track and field)
Anthony Davies, Hillcrest (cross country, track and field)
John Baird, Hillcrest (cross country, track and field)
James Bentley, Alta (cross country, track and field)
Zackary Steed, Hillcrest (cross country, track and field)
Colton Grimshaw, Corner Canyon (football, baseball)
Cole Kartchner, Jordan (football, soccer)


Trent Oldham, Jordan (swimming, track and field)
Cole Carlile, Hillcrest (basketball, track and field)
Samuel Lindsey, Jordan (music, track and field)

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