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Canyons School District’s Statement Regarding HB292

  • Post category:General News
  • Post last modified:February 22, 2010

The following statement has been issued by the Canyons School District regarding HB292, which seeks to require Canyons District to pay an additional $15.4 million in operating funds to Jordan School District: 

“Canyons School District was created under Utah law, and its creation has been upheld by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. An arbitration panel divided the former Jordan District to ensure both sides were solvent and could operate independently. Currently, schools Canyons inherited from Jordan District require $647 million in needed repairs. And yet Canyons taxpayers are giving Jordan District more than $20 million a year to pay debt on new Jordan schools, plus another $3.8 million in equalization. HB292 aims to punish Canyons communities for seeking an appropriate and sorely needed new way of doing business.”

Media contacts for additional information: 

  • Jennifer Toomer-Cook, Communications Director, 801-501-1015
  • Jeff Haney, Associate Communications Director, 801-501-1060