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Goblins, Ghosts, and Ghouls – Oh, My! Halloween Celebrated Across CSD

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  • Post last modified:October 31, 2017

The cheering crowd lining Main Street in Historic Sandy was in for a surprise as sweet as candy when the elementary school students started their annual Halloween costume parade on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

The students gave the crowd quite a treat as they showed off their costumes, which ranged from witches and ghouls to superheroes and Disney princesses.  The parade, which draws hundreds of spectators, is one of Canyons District’s most popular Halloween attractions.

As in previous years, the annual parade was led by Principal McKay Robinson and Assistant Principal Brooke Rauzon, who donned blue Cookie Monster and red Elmo costumes.  Another group of teachers were dressed as the five seasons of road construction in Utah.

Not to be outdone, Jordan Valley, Canyons’ school for students also held an elaborate costume pageant. A crowd favorite: A wheelchair decked out to look like a flashy sliver convertible.  

Those were just two of the events that were held on All Hallow’s Eve in Canyons schools.  All across the District, costumed students and teachers marched up and down hallways, through gymnasiums filled with cheering parents, and participated in class parties.  See photos of the events in a video that can be accessed on Canyons District’s YouTube channel.

Safety tips and costume rules were sent home in advance so students could enjoy the parades and performing-arts assemblies without having to take off masks or be sent home to change clothes.  

“It’s a fun day,” Union Middle Principal Kelly Tauteoli told Fox 13’s “The Place.”  Tauteoli also said the day is full of merrymaking – but learning still continues.  Students are in class and teachers lead lessons, she said, “but they do review games and have a lot of fun.”

Canyons Students on parade through District elementary schools 
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