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Debate Champions Crowned at District Tourney

Middle-schoolers like to argue, or at least that’s how it seems as their brains develop and they’re motivated to put newly acquired critical-thinking skills to the test. Suddenly, the word “why” becomes commonplace, and the conversation at dinner feels like a scene from Perry Mason.

But that’s what makes school debate so much fun, and a valuable instructional tool. Classroom debates – and more formalized speech and debate competitions – teach students to conduct reseadebatechamps.jpgrch, organize their thoughts, collaborate and brainstorm ideas, and speak with authority, says CSD Instructional Specialist Leslie Robinett. What better way to harness students’ newfound passion for the well-articulated point?

Each year, Canyons District invites middle school and elementary-age students (in the fourth and fifth grades) to ply their rhetorical skills at a districtwide debate tournament. This year’s tourney drew more than 230 contestants and was held at Mount Jordan Middle, which walked away with most of the awards, including the title, District Team Champions.

Students were eligible to win individual events and special awards, including MVP. In all, 61 qualified to advance to the state tournament, which will be held at Alta High, April 20-21.

Here’s the full list of awardees by division and category:

2017 CSD Middle School Debate Champions

1st        Parker McKay, Mount Jordan
2nd       Raunya Barakat, Albion
3rd        Hayden Sullivant, Mount Jordan
4th        Chaitrali Samant, Albion
5th        Isabel Phillips, Albion
6th        Lilly Reidy, Eastmont
7th        Baylee Johnson, Draper Park
8th        Emma Winegar, Butler
9th        Zoey Slaughter, Eastmont
10th      Areesha Nazir, Indian Hills

Juseong Kang, Albion
Mollie Scott, Mount Jordan
Zoe Quirones, Mount Jordan
Alex Hill, Eastmont
Anna Chubak, Indian Hills
Josh Huff, Butler
Luc Doucette, Albion

1st  Angelica Hsueh, Draper Park
2nd Matthew Bronson, Indian Hills
3rd Elias Stennet, Mount Jordan
4th Andrew Davidson, Indian Hills
5th Jordan Ogg, Indian Hills
6th Chase Elggren, Albion
7th Logan Rose, Mount Jordan

1st Hayden Sullivant, Mount Jordan
2nd Parker McKay, Mount Jordan
3rd Elias Stennet, Mount Jordan
4th Raunya Barakat, Albion
5th Fatima Zaidi, Albion
*not a state event

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Speakers*
1st Ethan Updike, Mount Jordan
2nd Ashton Pelley, Mount Jordan
3rd Cameron Johns, Albion
4th P.J. Pearmain, Eastmont
5th Zoe Liu, Midvale
*not a state qualifier

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
1st        Abbey Simmons, Mount Jordan
2nd       Porter Eldredge, Albion
3rd        AJ Rowland, Mount Jordan
4th        Fatima Zaidi, Albion
5th        Alex Morzelewski, Eastmont
6th        Ethan Updike, Mount Jordan
7th        Ashton Pelley, Mount Jordan
8th        Cameron Johns, Albion
9th        Zoe Liu, Midvale
10th      John Askew, Draper Park
11th      Emily Erickson, Indian Hills
12th      Merrin Maughan, Eastmont
State qualifier  Gabriel Min, Butler

Policy Debate Speaker Awards*
1st        Katelyn Johnson, Midvale
2nd       April Dong, Midvale
3rd        Saisha Vankayalapati, Midvale
4th        Rian Liew, Midvale
5th        Caizden Agnew, Indian Hills
6th        Xinying Bi, Midvale
7th        Marianne Liu, Midvale
8th        Madelyn Azares, Albion
9th        Erin Zhang, Midvale
10th      Michael Chan, Midvale
*Not state qualifiers

Policy Debate
1st        Michael Koyle and Alan Aguilar, Mount Jordan
2nd       Anders Sandberg and Landon Brough, Draper Park
3rd        Isaac Middlemas and Coleman Rhode, Union
4th        Leith Sherman and Joe O’Neal, Draper Park
5th        Ryan Hueniuk and Britton Bettinson, Eastmont
6th        April Dong and Erin Zhang, Midvale
7th        Brian Y and Rian Liew, Midvale
8th        Paris Snider and Madely Azares, Albion
9th        Katelynn Johnson and Anna Hsu, Midvale
10th      Isabella Nibley and Anna Pager, Draper Park
State Qualifiers: 
McKayla Mower and Caizden Agnew, Indian Hills
Will Mercurio and Beau Starbuck, Butler

Coaches’ Award
Logan Rolfson, Albion                        
Will Mercuri, Butler               
Anna Page, Draper Park         
Alex Morzelewski, Eastmont (District Award Winner)
Andrew Davidson and Ryan Pomeroy, Indian Hills   
Katelynn Johnson, Midvale    
Abigail Simmons, Mount Jordan       
Isaac Middlemas, Union                    

Most Valuable Participant
Madelyn Azares, Albion                     
Beau Starbuck, Butler            
Isabella Nibley, Draper Park  
Hailey Hendrickson, Eastmont           
Emily Erickson, Indian Hills    
Zoe Liu, Midvale        
Ashton Pelley, Mount Jordan (District Award Winner)
Coleman Rhode, Union                      

Canyons School District Team Champions
1st                   Mount Jordan
2nd                   Albion
3rd                    Eastmont

2017 CSD Elementary District Debate Champions

Elementary I Pro
1st Drew Morgan and Quin Briggs, Brookwood
2nd Jeremy Baker and Miles Morgan, Brookwood
3rd Cheyenne Frank and Wyatt Horning, Ridgecrest
4th Isa McMaster and Ava Karimi, Ridgecrest
Andrew Murphy and Ethan Vidal, Draper
Nate Riedel and Tate Hales, Brookwood

Elementary I Con
1st Lauren Gray and Bria Johnson, Brookwood
2nd Vance Longhurst and Austin Longhurst, Ridgecrest
3rd Randee Tormondsen and Reese Jones, Draper
4th Lance Gray and Ryles Rackley, Brookwood
Hannah Fellows and Gabby McCall, Ridgecrest
Isabelle Chambers and Grace Vidal, Draper

Elementary II Pro
1st  Edward Loh and Tina Zhou, Peruvian Park
2nd Fiona Zara and Kaliana Suhuka, Peruvian Park
3rd Ivan Chen and Deeraj Vislawath, Peruvian Park
4th Anna Oldham and Michael O’Neal, Sunrise
5th Mitch Phippen and Ben Martin, Draper
Teagan Kay and Gracie Johnson, Sunrise
Rachel Scott and Kassandra Holt, Sunrise

Elementary II Con
1st Rachel Scott and Kassandra Holt, Peruvian Park
2ndAvery Parry and Sara Moienvaziri, Peruvian Park
3rd  Tyler Olsen and Josh Martin, Peruvian Park
4th Jaclyn Wei and Mila Malyuchik, Peruvian Park
5th Austin Taylor and Jacob An, Peruvian Park
Hannah Larsen and Peyton Denkers, Peruvian Park
Jordan Pomeroy and Jeremy Christensen, Sunrise

Speaker Awards*
1st Ben Martin, Draper
2nd Hannah Larsen, Peruvian Park
3rd Elijah Keister, Sunrise
4th Callie Shroeder, Peruvian Park
5th Randee Tormondsen, Draper
6th Gabriel Williams, Peruvian Park
7th Gracie Johnson, Sunrise
8th Lauren Gray, Brookwood
9th Caelan Stocker, Peruvian Park
10th Amelia Jennings, Sunrise
*not a state qualification

1st Denali Workman, Oakdale
2nd Helen Frazier, Oakdale
3rd Angelina Hickcox, Oakdale
4th Jaydan Hurtado, Oakdale
Luke Christensen, Oakdale

1st Mason Lohrke, Oakdale
2nd Cache Despain, Oakdale
3rd Nathan Cater, Oakdale
Alternate:  Lilly Hutchings


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