Elementary Security Vestibules Fast-Tracked By Canyons Board

The Canyons Board of Education has fast-tracked the timeline to install vestibules in all elementary schools to provide additional security at the schools’ front entrances.

The District had planned to implement the vestibules, created by installing an additional set of security doors at front entrances, in all elementary schools by 2017. The Board voted Tuesday, March 3 to advance the completion date to December 2016.

Security vestibules have been installed at 12 elementary schools to date, Facilities Director Rick Conger reported. Two more elementary schools — Butler and Alta View — will have security vestibules when those buildings are rebuilt with the $250 million in voter-approved bonds in fall 2016 and fall 2017, respectively.

The vestibules will be installed at the remaining 15 elementary schools by December 2016. CFO Leon Wilcox said the additional security measures are a high priority for the district. The project will cost $1.5 million, $250,000 of which already has been budgeted.

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