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School Nurses Give ‘Above and Beyond Award’ to East Midvale Principal

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  • Post last modified:June 17, 2014

In eight years as principal of East Midvale Elementary, there wasn’t much Principal Sally Sansom didn’t do to help her students succeed in their education.

Aside from the usual duties – working with parents, coordinating with teachers, and motivating students – Sansom went out of her way to make sure her students’ medical needs were met. She put Band-Aids on boo-boos, checked heads for lice, and even voluntarily learned how to operate a glucometer and administer glucagon.

All those reasons were why Sansom was recently honored by Canyons District’s Nursing Services Department with the second-annual CSD Above and Beyond Award. 

 “She will do everything,” said Sally Goodger, a CSD nurse who works at East Midvale and nominated Sansom for the award. “She will do whatever needs to be done – whatever it takes. It’s refreshing.”

Principals and teachers are not required to learn how to operate glucometers or administer glucagon, so nurses rely on the good example of those working in the schools to voluntarily take the training and inspire others to follow suit.

Sansom was the first to volunteer to learn how to use these important tools on behalf of her diabetic students. Glucometers measure how much glucose is in the bloodstream, and glucagon is a medicine that can be used by injection in cases of medical emergency, such as extremely low blood sugar levels in diabetics.

In addition to volunteering to learn how to use those tools, Sansom also coordinated closely with Goodger to review and sign every one of her students’ medical plans. She also met extensively with parents to deal with their concerns

“I believe in being part of making sure every students’ experience is the best,” Sansom said. “If I can do something to improve their experience, I’m going to do it.”

Sansom will soon be transitioning to become the Human Resources Administrator for Elementary Schools, and Alice Peck, former principal of Oakdale Elementary will be taking her place as principal of East Midvale Elementary School.