Corner Canyon Student Earns U. Youth Leadership Award

Somehow, between playing the guitar, skiing and running track and cross country, Corner Canyon High School junior Alex Moushey still finds time to volunteer at The Road Home, serve at the Ronald McDonald House, and tutor his peers every Thursday night. Or, in terms of priorities, maybe it’s the other way around: Somehow, with all of his involvement in helping the community, Moushey still has time for his hobbies.

Moushey, who is of Native American descent and is actively involved with the Academic Collaboration of American Indian Students in Canyons District, recently was presented with the 2014 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Leadership Award. The award was bestowed by the University of Utah Alumni Association and the Office of Diversity and Equality for his willingness to serve in the community through Canyons’ ACAIS program.

“What is particularly noteworthy is that Alex never draws attention to himself when taking on these responsibilities and projects,” Moushey’s Youth Minister, Rev. Paul Graham, said in a letter. “I sincerely believe he simply does them out of the goodness in his heart.”

Moushey’s achievements were recognized at a banquet at the University of Utah. The recognition is awarded to Utah students in grades 7-12 who show a dedication to the beliefs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Moushey’s helpful attitude and involvement with ACAIS also has a positive influence on his peers, says David Shirley, a Canyons District Title VII Counselor on special assignment with the Office of Student Advocacy and Access.

“He is beginning to raise the academic bar for other students and is demonstrating that positive relationships among community members makes a positive difference in the community as a whole,” Shirley said. “We are very proud of his efforts, as well as his achievements.”

Canyons District is working to honor achievements of additional students as part of the annual American Indian Student Leadership Recognitions. Students are recognized for academic, artistic, athletic, service learning and cultural achievements. To nominate a student for the award, please fill out the online form.

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