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2012 Canyons Teacher of the Year: Amy Bateman, Eastmont Middle

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  • Post last modified:May 16, 2012

Amy Bateman’s classroom is alive with chatter and the buzz and flash of technology. But it’s not the latest celebrity news or school gossip that’s flying between her Eastmont Middle School students. It’s numbers, right angles, and equations.

“It’s a fun class,” Deputy Superintendent Ginger Rhode said, “and yet kids are learning.”

Bateman, known for her relentless commitment to a vision that all students will succeed, was named the 2012 Canyons School District Teacher of the Year. The honor came with prizes including a $1,000 check from the Canyons School District Education Foundation. Bateman was one of three finalists for District Teacher of the Year honors. The other finalists were: Stephanie Lay, math, Butler Middle School; and Denise Ferguson, language arts, Alta High School, who received prizes and $250 each from the Foundation.

Bateman is described as a gifted educator, leader, and teacher mentor. She is a master of data-driven decision-making, and is quick to identify students who struggle, provide needed supports, and monitor their progress. As a result, her students continually achieve well above District and state averages on standardized tests. Bateman posts video recordings of her lessons on YouTube, and engages parents by providing them with information on assignments, tests, and ways they can access help for their students.

“She has the highest rate of student engagement of any classroom in which I’ve been,” Dr. Rhode said.

“I’m very focused on, do I have a visual, do I have audio, am I engaging them to have fun, to get a little bit rowdy in the classroom — but rowdy, meaning it’s definitely organized, chaotic fun,” Bateman said. “It’s not a default job for me. I’m extremely passionate about teaching.”

Bateman’s award was announced at the May 15, 2012 Canyons Board of Education’s Teacher Appreciation Night, in which the Board honored 45 school Teachers of the Year for their commitment to excellence and dedication to Canyons students and families. Teachers of the Year were selected by school committees, and were nominated by colleagues, parents and school leaders. Each Teacher of the Year must have taught at least three years and be a career educator, and showcase outstanding teaching practices and professional and community involvement. Teachers of the Year were announced at their schools the last week of April, and honored at halftime at Canyons Night at Real Salt Lake May 5, 2012.

The 2012 Canyons Teacher of the Year program was supported by the Canyons Education Foundation, Real Salt Lake, LaCaille, and Hillside Floral.

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