Air-Conditioning Coming to Canyons Schools

Hot Canyons classrooms soon will be history.

The Board of Education on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012 voted to air-condition Canyons schools. The action will place evaporative cooling at Alta View, Edgemont, Midvalley, and Peruvian Park elementary schools, and Midvale, Mount Jordan, and Union middle schools. Indian Hills and Crescent View middle schools will receive central air conditioning. The projects will cost  $2.95 million to implement, and $260,000 a year to operate. The district will move forward immediately on the projects to complete them as soon as possible.

The nine schools receiving cooling are among 12 Canyons schools that do not have air-conditioning. Two of the 12, Butler Middle and Midvale Elementary, are being rebuilt now and will open with air-conditioning, and Cottonwood Heights Elementary is providing temporary housing to Albion during its renovations.

While eight of the schools receiving evaporative coolers are scheduled to be renovated or rebuilt under the $250 million voter-approved bond, temporary evaporative cooling is needed to provide relief in the meantime. The money will come from that already scheduled in the bond and from the District’s capital projects fund.

For details, visit BoardDocs and select Jan. 3 Agenda Item 2C.

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