Students Pick Corner Canyon Colors, Will Vote on Mascot

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  • Post last modified:January 4, 2012

The students have spoken: Corner Canyon High Schools’ new colors are navy, silver and white.

Now, the Board of Education is inviting students to select a mascot from a list narrowed by a December student vote. Students will receive ballots in the coming weeks, and receive the following choices: Cougars, Diamondbacks, Falcons and Raptors.

Last month, about 4,300 ballots were distributed to students in Corner Canyon boundaries. Of those, 1,186 cast ballots. The colors navy, silver and white received 501 votes, followed by navy, crimson and silver with 368 votes, and navy, gold and white with 316 votes.

The votes for the mascot were spread more thinly, with Cougars receiving 273 votes, Diamondbacks receiving 180 votes, Falcons receiving 171 votes and Raptors receiving 141 votes. Other choices, ranked by popularity, were: Mountain Lions, Chargers, Bears, Cavaliers and Broncos.