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Canyons District To Excuse Heat-Related Absences

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  • Post last modified:August 24, 2011

Canyons School District on Wednesday told parents at 12 schools without air-conditioning that it would excuse absences of students kept home due to heat-related concerns.

High temperatures for the remainder of the week are forecast to soar into the high 90s. Steps have been taken to ensure students and teachers stay as cool as possible in schools without air-conditioning, including installing additional swamp coolers and fans, and providing students with water bottles. However, the District recognizes that those steps may not suffice for all students.

“We recognize some students may be particularly sensitive to the hot conditions,” Superintendent David Doty said in a message to parents. “If you believe your student will be too adversely affected by these conditions, we will give excused absences for your student Wednesday, Thursday and Friday if you decide to keep your child home or check him or her out of school early.”

Parents wishing to exercise this option are asked to notify their school’s front office.

The message was sent to parents in the following 12 schools: Alta View, Edgemont, Midvale, Midvalley and Peruvian Park elementaries; and Albion, Butler, Crescent View, Indian Hills, Midvale, Mount Jordan and Union middle schools.