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CTEC Students Win Awards at Utah Multimedia Arts Fair

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  • Post last modified:June 9, 2011

Students at Canyons Technical Education Center recently won a number of awards at the statewide Utah Multimedia Arts Fair.
UMAF, which is basically an “art show for techies,” was held May 3 at Utah Valley University.

The winners are: 

2D Graphics
First place – Thayne Sharich, CTEC

First place – Saxon Peterson, CTEC

Flash Website
Best of Show – Tiffany Rietveld, CTEC
Second place – Toree Jensen, CTEC

HTML/CSS Web site
Best of Show – Elli Peterson, CTEC
First place – Rico Montoya, CTEC

Also held in conjunction with the UMAF was the IT Challenge, where students test and compete on a statewide level in a number of information technology areas. Students earn industry-recognized certifications and digital transcripts.

The winners are:  

MTA Exam 98-349: Windows® OS
Second place – Colin Rogow, CTEC

MTA Exam 98-365: Windows® Server Admin
First place – Anthony Atkinson, CTEC (X-Box Winner)
Second place – Anthony Cooke, CTEC
Third place – Travis Skene, CTEC

MTA Exam 98-361: Software Development (C#)
First place – Dylan Malloy, CTEC (X-Box Winner)
Third place – Nathan Merkley, CTEC

MTA Exam 98-366: Networking Fundamentals
First place – William Frakes, CTEC (X-Box Winner)
Second place – Andrew Cooke, CTEC
Third place – Andres Gonzalez, CTEC

MTA Exam 98-367: Security Fundamentals
Second place – Collin Rogow, CTEC

IC3 Fast Track
First place – Brady Coon, CTEC

Adobe — Dreamweaver
Second place – Mandie Maddox, CTEC

Adobe – Flash
First place – John Fredericks, CTEC (Winner Flash CS5)
Second Place – Toree Jensen, CTEC