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Canyons District Reminds Community to Use Facilities Responsibly

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  • Post last modified:May 4, 2020

As the temperatures rise with the arrival of spring weather, Canyons District expects more members of our community to turn to Canyons District campuses and outside facilities to exercise and engage in recreation.

CSD fields and stadiums are currently open to the public during the day so that individuals, families, and those who live in the same household can enjoy the amenities. However, we ask the public to use CSD facilities responsibly and while following social distancing guidelines.

As a reminder, the Salt Lake County Health Department’s order prohibiting the use of district playgrounds remains in effect.

The health order also prohibits team sports, including pickup games of Little League or other community groups. CSD teams have been told they may not practice until coronavirus-related restrictions are lifted.

The Canyons District Administration asks parents to remind their children that students may not meet in groups on CSD property to practice with either coaches or adult volunteers.

Recent incidents have led to complaints to city governments and the county health department.

Please know that Canyons stadiums and fields will remain open for the benefit of the community as long as health department orders are observed. If the orders are not followed, the district will be forced to close the tracks, stadiums, and fields to public use. Please recreate responsibly. Be safe and stay healthy.

Canyons District Reminds Community to Use Facilities Responsibly