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Canyons Board of Education Announces Finalists in Search for Superintendent

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  • Post last modified:March 31, 2020

A national search by the Canyons Board of Education has yielded three top-tier finalists who are vying to become the District’s next Superintendent.

Following a thorough review of candidate credentials and an initial round of interviews with select applicants by the seven-member Board of Education, the following veteran educators and administrators, listed in alphabetical order, advance to the final round of consideration: 

  • Dr. Robert M. Dowdle, Assistant Superintendent, Canyons School District, in Sandy, Utah.
  • Dr. Daniel R. Linford, Director of High Schools, Davis School District, in Farmington, Utah.
  • Dr. Rick L. Robins, Superintendent, Juab School District, in Nephi, Utah.

The announcement of Dowdle, Linford, and Robins as finalists brings the search to replace the retiring Superintendent Dr. Jim Briscoe one step closer to its culmination. Candidates from across the country submitted resumes during the Feb. 10-March 13 application window.  

The Board of Education will now conduct additional interviews before making a selection.

Briscoe, who on Jan. 14 announced his retirement, has led the 34,000-student school district since 2014, when he was appointed the chief executive of Canyons, now in its 11th academic year. He will retire June 30 after a notable 38-year career as an educator in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Utah. 

Amid the upheaval in the school year as a result of the required temporary dismissal of Utah schools to slow the spread of COVID-19, CSD’s Board pressed forward with its timeline to find the best-possible candidate, said Board President Nancy Tingey. “The Board of Education considers it vitally important to find and appoint a new superintendent who will move forward the vision and mission of CSD and serve the students and families of the Canyons community,” Tingey said.

“The Board of Education was impressed with the quality of the applicants, and it was no easy task to identify the finalists. We are committed to finding the experienced candidate who has the necessary skills and talents to lead CSD now and into an even more successful future,” she said.

The Board aims to appoint Briscoe’s successor before his last day to ensure a seamless transition.

At the outset of this year’s search for a new superintendent, the Board of Education solicited input on the desired characteristics of a new superintendent via surveys and Town Hall meetings. Board members are using the feedback from patrons and employees to inform their deliberations in the search process.

The Board’s appointee will join Briscoe, Dr. Ginger Rhode and Dr. David Doty in the history books as the top leaders of Canyons District.