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New: CSD Families Can Now Receive Late-Bus Notifications by Text Message

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  • Post last modified:October 28, 2019

We work hard to keep our buses on time. Under normal circumstances, students can expect the bus to arrive within one to two minutes of its scheduled time.

But with 167 daily bus routes to manage – and the inevitability of our drivers encountering inclement weather or construction-related detours and slowdowns – delays can happen. Canyons District has established communications channels to immediately notify families of bus delays. If a bus is running more than 15 minutes late, our Transportation Department will email or call parents and guardians with information about the cause of the delay and expected time of arrival.

New this year: Parents can opt to receive these and other District alerts via text message. To add text messaging to your communications settings, log in to the Skyward Family Access portal and click on the Skylert menu item (located on the lower left side of your computer screen).  Scroll down to the Text Message Numbers section to add your mobile numbers. busNotificationsEnglish

Be sure to click the Emergency and General fields in order to receive all notifications. You can choose to receive texts, emails or phone calls, or any combination of the three. Need help? Call our Help Desk at 801-826-5544.

Parents can help keep our buses on schedule by making sure their students arrive at the bus stop five minutes before their appointed pickup time. 

October is Think Safe month in Canyons District, the perfect time for parents to review family emergency plans and talk to their children about the rules of the road–or tips for staying safe while on their way to and from school each day. Here are a few helpful safety routines to always keep in mind:

  • Make sure your child knows his/her address and phone number, and how to reach you in case of an emergency.
  • Keep tabs on how your child will get to and from school, and with whom.
  • Talk to your child about stranger danger.
  • Review walking and biking routes with your child.
  • Establish a check-in time for your child to notify you when they arrive home from school.
  • Know your child’s friends and their phone numbers.
  • If you have moved, or changed your phone number or email address, please update your contact settings in Skyward, the system that families use to register their child for school in Canyons District. If you need assistance, contact our Help Desk at 801-826-5544.