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Canyons’ High School Students Can Now Order their Transcripts Online

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  • Post last modified:April 29, 2019

Applying for college just got easier. Canyons School District is now partnering with Parchment, an online system for ordering high school transcripts.

Starting this spring, CSD high school students can order electronic copies of their official transcripts with a push of the button. They can also use the system to electronically send their transcripts to the college or university of their choosing and track the request to ensure the document arrives at its destination. For now, there is no limit to the number of transcript requests students are allowed. The service is free-of-charge for currently-enrolled students and available to graduates for a small fee.

“Applying for college is stressful and time-consuming enough without having to worry about whether the admissions office received your transcripts on time,” says CSD’s Planning and Enrollment Director Dr. Floyd Stensrud. “Now our students can conveniently and securely order their transcripts online at any time, day or night, and receive an email once the transcript arrives at its destination.”


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Parchment is used by roughly 98 percent of the country’s colleges and universities and should dramatically streamline the college application process for students. It’s also a time-saver for schools and will spare registrars from having to prepare and mail thousands of paper transcripts each year, says Eric Taylor, an engineer in Canyons’ Information Technology Department. “We’ve worked hard as a District to automate as many services as possible from registering for school and applying for programs to signing up to be a classroom volunteer.”

Parchment’s added features also make it possible for students to build a profile and compile and store other academic credentials, from their college-entrance and advanced placement exam scores to awards and extra-curricular program completion certificates. You can search for colleges and find those that are most popular among students with similar academic interests and backgrounds. Want to predict your chances of being accepted by a given university? Parchment can run the numbers based on the acceptance rates of students who, in the past, have voluntarily shared their admissions data.

“The system is really intuitive and easy to use,” says Taylor, noting that all high school students should have received an email with a link to the Parchment platform and information about how to register, build a profile, and request transcripts. Links to the Parchment portal can also be found on the websites for each of Canyons District’s high schools.

Following is a brief tutorial on using the system. School counselors can serve as a resource for parents and students who have questions. Technicians are also available at Canyons District’s Help Desk, 801-826-5544.