Parking Update: Construction of Consolidated CSD Headquarters Continues

As you may have noticed, we’re up to our hard hats in concrete and steel at the Canyons Administration Building-East.

Construction to expand the building affectionately known as CAB-East on 9361 S. 300 East in Sandy is well underway and being funded with proceeds from the sale of the Canyons Administrative Building-West at 9150 S. 500 West in Sandy. Once completed, the new addition will make it possible to bring all administrative functions onto one, centrally-located campus–streamlining operations and providing patrons with more of a “one-stop” shopping experience. CAB East

But as with all major construction projects, there will be some temporary inconveniences. Starting March 4, re-grading and resurfacing of the parking lots surrounding the building will begin, which will put a squeeze on parking.

Thirty-minute visitor parking spots are still available to the west of the building. Arrangements also have been made for patrons and employees to use the adjacent church’s southernmost parking lot, and the northern lot of Mt. Jordan Middle.

What might the new offices look like? Who will occupy them and when? The Office of Public Communications will publish regular updates on the project and welcomes questions at

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