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Science Fair Finalists 2011

Thank you for your participation in the Canyons District Science Fair! A public open house to view all projects will be from 4 pm- 6 pm tonight (2/17/11) at Jordan High School in the Tech Atrium. Students can pick up and take home their projects from 6 pm -7 pm. The following students will advance to the SLVEF regional fair:

Secondary Finalist Projects: 7th – 12th Grade
Awards Ceremony on 2/17/11,
Jordan High School, Commons Area at 6:00 pm

#5: “Structural Design” I.M. from Butler Middle School
#7: “Skyglow” K.K., M.M., and M.L. from Albion Middle School
#9: “On Bending Knees” L.M. from Albion Middle School
#10: “Yeasty, Beasty Burps” C.H. from Albion Middle School
#11: “Bridges” N.F. and D.O. from Butler Middle School
#12: “Going Green As We Clean” N.R. from Midvale Middle School
#17: “Multi-Tasking” S.P. from Albion Middle School
#18: “How Spices Affect the Growth of E. coli” R.N. from Indian Hills Middle School
#19: “Shape vs. Fall Rate” J.W. and C.C from Butler Middle School
#21: “How Factors Influence the Effectiveness of the Lactase Enzyme” S.L from Midvale Middle School
#25: “Are The Sunscreens We Are Using Good Enough?” E.P. from Albion Middle School
#26: “Speed Of A Ripple” D.T., D.M. and G.P. from Eastmont Middle School
#31: “The Effects of Exterior Magnetic Field On A Cricket’s Eating Habits” D.S. from Indian Hills Middle School
#32: “The Human Ability to Differentiate between Natural and Synthetic Scents” J.C. from Union Middle School
#37: “Constructing Orthoganol Polynomials for Weibel Distributions” R.B. from Hillcrest High School
#38: “Candy” A.S. from Butler Middle School
#39: “Catalysts” C.C. from Butler Middle School
#40: “Novel Sustained Release Antibiotic Polymer for Treatment of Open Wounds” A.E. from Hillcrest High School
#41: “What Affect Do Soft Drinks Have On Teeth?” R.C. from Union Middle School
#43: “Sound vs. Glaciers” G.G. from Butler Middle School
#47: “Do You Really Want To Drink What’s In That Soda?” A.W. from Albion Middle School
#48: “Peripheral Color Vision” M.K. and C.C. from Butler Middle School
#51: “Can Peppermint Flavored Altoids Improve Reaction Time by Refreshing the Brain?” N.R. from Midvale Middle School
#52: “Luminol” K.W. from Butler Middle School
#53: “The Perfect Bounce” A.S. and S.N. from Butler Middle School
#55: “Where’s the Oxygen?” B.R. from Midvale Middle School
#56: “Drug Solubility” M.B., B.R. and H.K. from Albion Middle School
#57: “Roof Color vs. Temperature” S.T. from Butler Middle School
#58: “Decibel Destruction” C.S. from Midvale Middle School
#62: “Healthy Hearts” R.C. from Albion Middle School
#67: “Through the Looking Glass” R.W. and M.V. from Indian Hills Middle School
#72: “Light Bulb Intensity” M.M. from Butler Middle School
#79: “Toxicity of Nano-sized TiO2 and ZnO on Daphnia magna” B.C. from Midvale Middle School
#83: “Color Chromotography B.M. from Mt. Jordan Middle School
#86: “Mpemba Effect” B.C. from Mt. Jordan Middle School
#87: A.B. from Eastmont Middle School
#88: “Water Precipitation” N.L. from Hillcrest High School
#90: “Mouth Bacteria and Vinegar” A.V. and I.D. from Butler Middle School
#93: “Memory Game” V.S. from Butler Middle School
#99: “Tree Huggers Unite” M.D. and J.L. from Hillcrest High School

Elementary Finalist Projects: 5th & 6th Grade
Awards Ceremony on 2/17/11,
Jordan High School, Commons Area at 6:30 pm

#3 “How different fruits react with Jello?” S.F. from Canyon View Elementary
#6 “What does the magnetic field of a sphere shaped magnet look like?” E.L & A.L. from Alta View Elementary
#7 “Video games with a beat” K.P. from Bell View Elementary
#8 “What should you be wearing?” B.V. from Sprucewood Elementary
#10 A.C. from Oakdale Elementary
#11 “Effect of temperature on the rate of corrosion of nails in water” C.F. from Bell View Elementary
#12 S.P. from Peruvian Park Elementary
#13 “Ornithopters: Can they fly?” T.M. from Lone Peak Elementary
#15 “How do you take your tea?” M.S. from Butler Elementary
#19 “Shoe traction on a gym floor?” M.H. from Ridgecrest Elementary
#24 “Burn, Baby Burn” S.B. from Granite Elementary
#25 “Power of Friction” A.A. from Alta View Elementary
#27 B.P. from Peruvian Park Elementary
#28 “Bowling Frenzy” J.T. from Bell View Elementary
#33 “Oily Feathers” A.F. from Ridgecrest Elementary
#37 “Milk” N.K. from East Midvale Elementary
#38 “Effects of color and taste” A.C. from Lone Peak Elementary
#40 M.H. from Peruvian Park Elementary
#42 “What’s soda doing to your teeth?” A.N. from Brookwood Elementary
#45 “Do rockets go as high as they say?” S.I. from Quail Hollow Elementary
#49 “Bleach and clothes” L.K. from Oakdale Elementary
#51 “City land use” J.D. from Butler Elementary
#52 “How greasy are potato chips?” C.Y. from Sprucewood Elementary
#54 “Who has a better short-term memory” J.C. from Alta View Elementary
#55 “Eggs” O.F. from Oakdale Elementary
#57 “Do you take more steps in school or out?” D.R. from Granite Elementary
#58 “Preventing Puckered Pumpkins” N.H. from Sunrise Elementary
#61 “germs” C.P. from Quail Hollow Elementary
#68 “Rockets” S.W. from Oakdale Elementary
#70 “Environmental Management” J.L. from Lone Peak Elementary
#72 “Bubble Gum” M.S. from East Midvale Elementary
#75 “Popcorn Kernels” E.D. from Lone Peak Elementary
#76 “Electromagnetic motor” M.B. from Willow Springs Elementary
#77 “Is there a safe way to swim when it storms?” S.M. from Sprucewood Elementary
#79 “Thaw time experiment” S.M. from Sprucewood Elementary
#80 “Let it dissolve” C.T. from Oakdale Elementary
#87 J.K. from Peruvian Park Elementary
#91 “Comparing Water Quality” M.J. from Peruvian Park Elementary
#92 “Temperature and battery voltage” D.W. from Bell View Elementary
#94 “Cease the grease” J.L. from Silver Mesa Elementary
#95 “Diapers” M.S. from East Midvale Elementary
#97 “Roses are Red” B.D. from Lone Peak Elementary
#102 “How do video games affect the brain?” C.U. from Sprucewood Elementary
#105 “Capturing Air” B.J. from Lone Peak Elementary
#106 “Bridge strength test” A.G. from Bell View Elementary
#108 “Which are better stocks or saving? N.W. from Ridgecrest Elementary
#109 M.J. from Peruvian Park Elementary
#110 “Stick to it” L.H. from Butler Elementary
#111 “Which Hockey stick flex is the most accurate?” A.O. from Granite Elementary
#112 “Air vs. water” B.W. from Silver Mesa Elementary
#113 “Lego earthquake” F.C. from Bell View Elementary
#114 “Fruits and veggies, which give off the most electricity? A.D. from Sprucewood Elementary
#118 “What paper shape is the strongest on a bridge?” J.P. from Quail Hollow Elementary
#121 “Refraction” M.B. from Canyon View Elementary
#128 “Can people’s perception of food be influenced by another’s suggestion?” J.H. from Sprucewood Elementary
#130 “What’s cookin’?” S.F. from Alta View Elementary
#133 “Detergent and environment” S.S. from East Midvale Elementary
#134 “Does culture affect knowledge” J.V. from Willow Springs Elementary
#139 B.A. from Peruvian Park Elementary
#140 “Frozen Bubbles” I.N. & A.T. from Canyon View Elementary
#141 “Rubber bones” D.M. from East Midvale Elementary
#147 “Can fruit juice change the pH of stomach acid?” B.M. from Brookwood Elementary
#153 “Can you tell the difference?” T.B. from Lone Peak Elementary
#156 “Sugar and brownies” K.F. from Butler Elementary
#159 “Are fingerprings genetic?” J.W. from Sprucewood Elementary
#160 “What is in your snowflake?” A.W. from Sunrise Elementary
#164 “Weight to What? C.S. from Butler Elementary
#165 “A brighter smile” J.M. from Lone Peak Elementary
#170 “How much lead is in your school’s water? M.O. & K.J. from Canyon View Elementary
#175 “How many days until oxidation?” T.S. from Sprucewood Elementary
#176 “How do changes of CO2 in the atmosphere effect plants? M.M. from Ridgecrest Elementary
#178 “Pans and perms” J.E. from East Midvale Elementary
#181 “Are child resistant containers effective?” H.S. from Ridgecrest Elementary
#183 “Can hot water really freeze faster than cold water?” Z.M. from Lone Peak Elementary
#184 “How much Vitamin C in orange Juice” S.P. from Oakhollow Elementary
#185 “What happens when you switch ingredients in something?” C.C. from Spurcewood Elementary
#190 “Driving and Cell Phones” D.J. from Lone Peak Elementary
#191 “Pop or Not” T.D. from Butler Elementary
#193 A.G. from East Midvale Elementary
#194 “Slinky vs. Slinky Jr.” N.H. from Oakdale Elementary
#198 “watering plants with gray water” S.Q. from Oakdale Elementary
#200 “With cap or without” A.Z. from Granite Elementary
#206 “Water effects on rocks” S.H. from Oakdale Elementary
#210 “Do earthworms smell odors?” N.C. from Sandy Elementary
#196 “Magnets and Heat” G.K. from Sunrise Elementary
#197 “Screw vs. Nail” E.C. & Z.M. from Bell View Elementary
#204 “Root beer fizz compared to others” A.W. & C.W. from Bell View Elementary
#205 “What food items make the best battery? C.W. from Granite Elementary
#207 “Flower Power” C.C. from Oakdale Elementary
#212 “Dog Scents” E.M. from Silver Mesa Elementary
#214 “Bridges and their capacities” L.R. from Silver Mesa Elementary
#215 “Show the Love” G.G. from Butler Elementary
#216 “Height to Arm Span” D.J. from Willow Springs Elementary
#217 “Pop, Pop, Popcorn” M.L. from Bell View Elementary

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If a movie about super teachers were ever made, Lucie Chamberlain would be a prime candidate for a leading role. Fortunately for her kindergarten students at Alta View Elementary, she already thrives in a supporting role for them. Parents thank her for being a “super teacher.” She is also described as an “amazing colleague.” Whether students need help in the classroom or from home while sick, Lucie goes above and beyond to help them learn, overcome fears, and feel important and cared for. Lucie is the reason a number of kids went from hating school to loving it, according to parents. The way she exudes patience, sweetness, positive energy, and love for her students with special needs melts is appreciated and admired. One parent noted: “Both my kids wish she could be their teacher forever.” Another added:  “She treats every student like their learning and their feelings are her priority.” Super teacher, indeed!

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