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Cinco De Mayo

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  • Post last modified:May 12, 2009
Canyons School District had a booth at the Midvale Cinco de Mayo festival held on May 2nd at the Midvale City Park. Despite being a rainy gloomy morning, the weather cleared up and the fun bean bag toss game soon became a huge hit for all the kids, and of course many of the adults wanted to test their own bean bag skills. With Community Engagement as one of the District’s initiatives, these types of events will help build confidence and trust from parents and community in building a better education for the children with the Canyons School District.
Here are a few more pictures from the event:
(The Canyons booth – Tyler Toone and Jeff Haney cheering on the bean bag tossers)
(Keith Bradford tossing the bean bag)
(Jeff Haney on the bull, he stayed on for 8 seconds)