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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sandy CDA 

The Board heard a report from Sandy City about a Community Development Area plan that focuses on the city’s downtown, from 9000 South to 106000 South. Revitalization plans call for a mix of residential and retail buildings, as well as a transportation system that would connect from the TRAX line to destination and neighborhood locations. If the plans are realized, the CDA could attract more families and would impact the enrollments at CSD schools. Also, to streamline efforts and maintain a cohesive look and feel throughout the redevelopment, Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan proposed to work collaboratively with the District as it begins planning for the reconstruction of the campus of Mount Jordan Middle School and adjoining properties, which is inside the proposed CDA.  With the Canyons Support Services Center, Warehouse and Bus Depot, the District owns about 70 acres in what is considered the Sandy downtown area.  The City also reported an increased interest in the Valley High School property on State Street as a result of the pending opening of the Scheels sporting-goods store. 

Cell Tower Revenue

School Performance Director Mike Sirois presented a proposal that seeks to more evenly distribute the revenue generated by cell-phone tower contracts. Thirty-seven percent of the students in the District do not go to a school with a cell-phone tower. The recommendation, which has been endorsed by principals and the School Community Councils of the schools that have cell-phone towers on their campuses, asks schools that currently receive the money to begin sharing the money with the schools that do not have the towers. In the next school year, 10 percent of the revenue from each contract would be funneled to a redistribution account. That money will be divided among the schools without cell-phone towers on a per-pupil basis. The following year, the amount contributed from the cell-phone tower contracts to the redistribution account would increase to 15 percent. In five years, according to the recommendation, the agreement would be re-evaluated. 

Board Governance  

The Board heard a report from the Board Governance Sub-Committee.  The majority decided to discuss at a business meeting the proposed rules that would govern Board member ethics

Budget Overview

After a public hearing, the Board unanimously voted to adopt the 2011-2012 final budget. The Board also unanimously voted to adopt the proposed 2012-2013 budget. The overall budget, with all funds including capital funds, is $311 million. The operating budget would be $217 million. The District will not increase property tax revenues in this budget. The operating budget is going up to fund enhancements in classrooms and for employees, including additional achievement coaches, school nurses, and education technology specialists, and employee bonuses, steps and lanes, and a 1 percent Cost of Living Adjustment. Revenues to fund the enhancements came partly from an increase in the WPU approved by the Utah Legislature.

Introduction of Recently Appointed Administrators

The Board was introduced to administrators who have been selected and appointed to help lead Canyons schools in the 2012-2013 school year. The Board also ratified the appointment of a new principal for Mount Jordan Middle School.

The new principal at Mount Jordan is Dr. Molly Hart. She is principal of Double Churches Middle School in Muscogee County School District, Georgia. She replaces Misty Suarez, who resigned to accept an administrative position in the Salt Lake City School District. Doug Hallenbeck, who previously had been extended the principalship, this week informed the Board and Superintendent that he could not accept the position because of pressing family matters. He will remain an Assistant Principal at the school. 

Stacy Kurtzhals, Assistant Principal at Crescent View Middle School, will be Assistant Principal at Butler Middle School. She replaces Mark Montague, who resigned his position last fall and whose position was filled by substitute assistant principal Ray Jensen.

Jodi Roberts, Assistant Principal at Sandy Elementary, will be Assistant Principal at Crescent View Middle School, replacing Kurtzhals.

Rex Prescott, Assistant Principal at Willow Springs and Oak Hollow elementaries, will be Assistant Principal at Sandy Elementary, replacing Roberts.

Benjamin “BJ” Weller, an Integrated Supports Coach in the Granite School District, will be the Assistant Principal at Willow Springs and Oak Hollow elementaries, replacing Prescott.

John Hellwig, currently Assistant Principal at Midvale Middle School, will be an Assistant Principal at Eastmont Middle School, replacing Ben Jameson, who has resigned to accept an administrative position in the Jordan School District.

Justin Matagi, currently Assistant Principal at Alta High School, will be the Assistant Principal at Midvale Middle School, replacing Hellwig.

Brian McGill, currently Principal of the Academy of Math, Engineering & Science, will be an Assistant Principal at Alta High School, replacing Matagi.

Board Action

The Board approved the Consent Agenda, which includes the May 29, 2012 minutes; approval of purchasing bids; the May Financial Reports; hire and termination reports; home school affidavits; the non K-12 Fund-Revenue Commitment; a contract with Georg K. Baum; the compensation schedule for 2012-2013 for administrators; and employment contracts for the Superintendent and Business Administrator. They also approved student overnight travel of Alta’s boys basketball team to New York; Alta’s cheer squad to the Davis Conference Center; Alta’s dance team to New York; Alta’s volleyball team to Cokeville, Wyo.; Hillcrest’s Shakespeare team to Cedar City; Hillcrest’s girls tennis team to St. George; and Jordan’s girls tennis team to St. George.

Board Comments

Five patrons addressed the Board. Topics included revisions to the world history curriculum, questions about the construction of Mount Jordan, Region 17 PTA and the successful salary and benefit negotiations with the Canyons Education Association. A candidate for state Senate also spoke to the Board. To access mp3s, (Click Agenda Item 6B)

Superintendent’s Comments

Dr. Doty expressed appreciation to the Board for the extension of his contract.   

Business administrator Keith Bradford also expressed thanks for the opportunity to work in Canyons and reflected on the accomplishments of the previous four years.

Board Reports

Steve Wrigley reported that he enjoyed attending high school graduation ceremonies.

Sherril Taylor lauded the students who earned the Advanced and Honors Diplomas and attended the reception in their honor.

Dr. McCarty enjoyed attending Alta High’s graduation rites at Utah Valley University. 

Kevin Cromar attended the executive committee meeting of the National Federation of Urban and Suburban School Districts in Knoxville, Tenn. He also reported on attending Entrada, Brighton and Alta graduation ceremonies. 

Mrs. Horiuchi attended “You Can’t Take it with You” at Midvale Middle and the Honors Middle School Choir Concert. She congratulated students who earned Advanced and Honors Diplomas. She urged the Board to consider working with Salt Lake County in the recreation efforts, and told the Board about her involvement in a Utah State Office of Education committee that is examining high-stakes testing. She also thanked Dr. Doty and Mr. Bradford for their dedication and hard work, and said she is looking forward to working with them in the future.

President Cowdell expressed appreciation to the administration, faculty, staff and business partners for their accomplishments throughout the year. He reported on his attendance at Jordan and Hillcrest graduations. Mr. Cowdell also thanked the Superintendent and Mr. Bradford for the effort and energy they put into their jobs, and said he is grateful they will continue working with the Board. 

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