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Oct. 20, 2009

Canyons District Offices

Draper City Proposes CDA
Draper City Manager Layne Long prproposed a Community Development Agency (CDA) to expand the city’s and District’s tax base viaa economic development and community enhnhancement. The proposed Draper Gateway CDA woould provide incentives to develop restaurantnts and a movie theater at the VF Factory Outlet Maall property. If approved by the Board and Dr raper City, theDistrict would continue to collect the approximately $90,000 in property tax reve
tvenues it currently receives annually on the parcel forr the duration of the CDA. Upon the proposedCDA’s expiration in 2018, the District’s tax revenues geenerated by the property are projected to mo ore than double. The Board will further discuss the proposal.

Jordan Foundation Presents New w District’s Share of Fund Balance
Jordan Foundation President Chris s Lund and Past President Dan Simons provid ded an accounting summary of Canyons’ share of fund nds as part of the new school district’s creation n. They alsopresented a check for just over $2225,000 for the upcoming Canyons District Fouundation, and$90,000 for an endowment fund. TThe funds represent Canyons’ portion of Jordaan Foundation fund balances that were divided accordiing to terms of the asset arbitration ruling.

SCC Policy Updated, Policy Form mat System Approved

The Board updated District policy on School Community Councils to reflect a ne new state law and State Board of Education rule requ uiring SCCs to establish operating procedures.. The new policy includes SCCs’ obligation to notice and conduct meetings consistent with the Ut tah Open and PublicMeetings Act, and notes the Board of Education’s authority to review and appro ove School LAND Trust plans and School Improvemeent Plans. The Board also approved the more user-friendly NEPN Policy Classification System..

Patron Comments: Parent and Ca Canyons teacher Susan Homer thanked the Disttrict for responding to concerns about a broken heater r at the Mount Jordan Middle School swimming ng pool, and urged the Board to invest in the pool.
Kathy Baumann, a teacher at Parklaklane Elementary, thanked Board Member Elle llen Wallace and the District for keeping the ISC.
Teacher Terry Lyman praised the District for its swift response on a school issue.
Tauna Perry, a Transportation Department employee, said the Board could cut back drivers and buses needed and save money by changing the bell schedule at Oak Hollow and Crescent elementaries.
Tracy Bennett, co-chairwoman of the Enrollment and Facilities Task Force, and Kristi Ellis of the Sprucewood Elementary SCC urged the Board to address school boundaries.

Consent Agenda Approved: The Board ratified the appointment of Kathy Anderson, principal of Lone Peak Elementary, as the new District Director of Partnerships and Community Service. It also approved the Oct. 6 minutes, purchase agreements, September expenditure and personnelreports, and student overnight travel for Alta High Cross Country, Brighton High Softball, Brighton High Wrestling, and the Jordan High Drill Team.

Superintendent, CFO Reports: Superintendent David Doty welcomed McKay Robinson as the new principal at Lone Peak Elementary, and updated the Board on pending matters includingSocial Security information meetings and the Utah State Office of Education’s Public Education Leadership Roundtable. CFO Keith Bradford attended the National School Boards Association’s Council of School Attorneys seminar in Seattle, where he heard from Charlie Rose, General Counselfor the U.S. Department of Education.

Board Reports: Mrs. Wallace said she and Board Member Kevin Cromar attended the NationalFederation of Urban-Suburban School Districts (NFUSSD) Conference in Nebraska, inquired about the District’s capital outlay budget, and relayed a custodian’s compliment about Canyons’ speedy service.
Mr. Cromar commended Mike Sirois and Trenton Goble, Directors of K-16 Student Achievement, for putting together the middle school intramural tournament; reported on the Reno Mahe Jr. jersey retirement ceremony at Brighton High; attended the Sandy constituency meeting and suggested high school SCCs facilitate such meetings twice annually; and inquired about different approaches to dual immersion instruction.
President Cowdell praised District employees for their hard work in making Canyons the best it can be. Vice President Sherril Taylor concurred.

Study Session
Mr. Cromar and Mrs. Wallace reported on the NFUSSD Conference, hosted by Millard Public Schools in Omaha. They were inspired by keynote speaker Dr. Gary Gordon from Gallup Consulting, whose presentation was titled, “Engaged Schools: Creating the Future.” The conference included visits to view innovations in Millard Public Schools, which has IB programs in middle and primary levels as a lens for thinking and learning, advanced programs in high schools, and a discussion on shifting focus from remediation to strength-building. Mrs. Wallace suggested the District become a member of NFUSSD.
Superintendent Doty outlined a proposed five-year plan for academics and facilities for Board discussion. He cited data from a recent Dan Jones & Associates survey, showing Canyons parents’ concerns about middle schools and increasing academic rigor. Data from the Enrollment and Facilities Task Force report showed eight schools have severe facilities needs; all middle schools need seismic, ventilation and technology upgrades; 11 elementaries are expected to remain overcrowded; and middle-and high school enrollments are declining, with the exception of Alta High. He also presented academic research indicating a need for increased rigor.
Based on that information, Dr. Doty proposed creating a College and Career-Ready Diploma as an option for the Class of 2014 (this year’s eighth-graders) that would include a rigorous curriculum. He proposed addressing enrollment issues and academic opportunity via grade reconfiguration, or having middle schools include sixth-through eighth grades and high schools, ninth-through 12th grades. He also proposed renaming middle schools to reflect an academic “prep” purpose, i.e., Butler Prep and Midvale Prep. He also proposed a timeline of seeking a right-sized bond in June 2010 to fund some facility improvements with minimal tax impact, with building projects startingin 2010-11 and boundaries examined between 2010-12.
Board Member Kim Horiuchi noted three high schools’ enrollments would come up to capacity under grade reconfiguration, and suggested another high school could be built in the Draper area to relieve overcrowding at Alta. President Cowdell also suggested placing a rigorous science, technology, engineering and math magnet program to go inside the new high school, and creatingan education center and other magnet programs in partnership with colleges and universities. The Board asked the Administration for additional data and plans to continue the discussion inNovember.

–Jennifer Toomer-Cook

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