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Board Summary, Aug. 15, 2023

Note: Recordings and documents for agenda items can be accessed via BoardDocs by clicking on the corresponding agenda items.

Long-Range Planning

Canyons continues to study the best current and future uses of facilities, enrollment trends, and the efficiency and progress of programs to ensure that taxpayer funds are wisely expended. Canyons Technical Education Center Principal Doug Hallenbeck noted enrollment is on the upswing at CTEC, the District’s technical school, after dips during the COVID-19 pandemic years. Hallenbeck noted the need for an updated and bigger facility, possibly at Jordan High, so courses can be expanded and the school could launch additional high-demand programs. Canyons’ Long-Range Planning Committee also is reviewing possible improvements to 359,000-square-foot Jordan High, which first opened at a previous location in 1914. A “wish list” for upgrades to the current Jordan building, built in 1996, include the construction of a field house, a community STEM center, updated flooring, and teaching technology upgrades, among other items. Business Administrator Leon Wilcox said possible projects at Jordan High are still being studied and noted that enrollment is trending downward at Jordan High and throughout the Jordan High feeder. Board member Andrew Edtl stated he thinks the District should invest more in Jordan High to attract and retain students. In addition, to help guide discussions, the committee is arranging for a demographic study to be completed in mid-September. MHTN also will soon finalize assessment reports and the building capacity of elementary schools will be reviewed an upcoming committee meeting. The condition of Corner Canyon soccer fields, Eastmont Middle, and the Transportation Departments also are on the list of items to consider, Wilcox said. Start-of-school enrollment reports also will be studied. Options to obtain funding for prioritized projects also are being reviewed, Wilcox said.  The Board and Administration also discussed a possible future site of the Canyons Transition Academy, which operates on a floor of the District Office.

Community Engagement

The number of volunteers — and the hours spent in schools — is bouncing back to pre-COVID-19 counts, said Community Engagement Coordinator Susan Edwards. Throughout the last school year, volunteers spent 115,000 hours volunteering in Canyons elementary, secondary and special schools. Of that tally, 66,470 hours of volunteer work were contributed by members of the 43 Parent-Teacher Associations and Parent-Teacher-Student Associations of CSD schools. If the District would have had to hire an employee for this work, it would have cost more than $2 million. Edwards reminded Board of the established process volunteers must follow to be approved to work with students in schools and on field trips. Volunteers are required to sign into the Front Office before they are granted access to the school’s hallways and classrooms, per CSD’s security protocols.

Open Meetings Act Training

General Counsel Dan Harper conducted the state-required training on the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act.

School Community Council Reports

The Board received information from School Community Councils on school-security concerns, plans to provide digital citizenship lessons, and discussions with cities about safe-walking routes.

USBA Update

Board member Mont Millerberg presented information about upcoming events and activities of the Utah School Boards Association.

Patron Comment

The following patrons addressed the Board during Patron Comment. Recordings of their remarks can be accessed on BoardDocs.

  • Ladd Johnson
  • Miranda Jones
  • Matt Call
  • Amberlyn Jeppson
  • Laural Jeppson

Consent Agenda

The Board of Education approved the Consent Agenda including the minutes for the Board meeting on Aug. 1, 2023; hire and termination reports; purchasing bids; student-overnight travel; July financial reports; USBE early-learning plan; MOU with Canyons Education Association regarding 32 hours of paid professional time; an update to Policy-400.021, and the approval of a Gordon universal settlement and release of all claims.

Policy Update

The Board of Education updated the policy governing language-access services for compliance with state and federal law.

Superintendent, Business Administrator Reports

Superintendent Dr. Rick Robins noted an upcoming Listening Tour at CTEC, the Monday start of contract for most educators, and the news that Jordan High will be the site of a U.S. Navy Jr. ROTC, only the second in Utah. 

Wilcox updated the Board about the construction progress at Union Middle. Occupancy is expected to be granted by the Fire Marshal on Friday, he said. Sept. 1 is the date planned for Sixth-Grade Orientation. The first day in the school at the new Union is expected to be Sept. 5. The school community is in remote-learning status for the first two weeks of school, he said. Bus drivers whose routes were reduced at the launch of all-day kindergarten – because mid-day routes weren’t needed —  will work in Nutrition Services to recapture the lost hours. 

Board of Education Reports

Mrs. Holly Neibaur thanked the teachers for their hard work preparing for the upcoming school year and the members of the Long-Range Planning Committee for their hard work. She noted the positive future of Jordan High and plans for growth in Canyons.

Mr. Andrew Edtl welcomed teachers and staff back to school. He thanked parent volunteers, including those in PTAs and PTSAs, for investing time in schools.  Edtl reported on his committee work and meeting administrators throughout the summer. He looks forward to meeting teachers as school starts.

Mrs. Amanda Oaks reported on attending the Team CSD Family BBQ, the welcome-back meeting for Sprucewood teachers at which they received their service pins, and the House GOP caucus.

Mr. Mont Millerberg commented on the Team CSD Family BBQ, a lunch he attended with Midvale Middle, a walk-through of Union Middle, the hard work of CSD committees, and the excitement surrounding the start of school. 

The first day is one Mrs. Nancy Tingey’s favorite day, especially because of the hard work and love that goes into getting classrooms ready. 

Mrs. Karen Pedersen attended the Student Wellness Services and Special Education opening meetings and noted the employee awards given during the events.  She also remarked on the $1 million library updates in elementary schools.  Mrs. Amber Shill gave positive feedback on the streamlined registration process and thanked administrators for planning professional-development activities.

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