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Board Meeting Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015

The Board Business Meeting can be viewed on USTREAM. Mp3s and documents for Study Session items can be accessed through BoardDocs and clicking the corresponding agenda items.

Early Notification Incentive/Relocation Stipends Proposed

The Board discussed a proposal to provide incentives for employees who provide early notification to the District if they plan to retire or leave the district. The proposal is aimed at strengthening employee recruitment efforts. Incentives would range from $100 to $500, depending on the time notice is given. The proposal, presented by Human Resources Director Steve Dimond, also would include stipends ranging from $250 to $1,000 for new licensed or administrative employees who relocate more than 100 miles to work in CSD. It also would require administrators to provide 90 days’ notice — up from the current 30 days’ notice — prior to retirement, and 60 days’ notice prior to resignation, as suggested by the Board during its discussion, and increased penalties for violations. The Board agreed to allow its Policy Committee to examine the proposal and provide feedback.

Board Adjusts Advanced, Honors Diplomas Options, Requirements

The Board approved three adjustments to CSD’s Advanced and Honors diplomas, created following feedback from parents and educators to help increase student achievement and success after high school. The changes are to add the following:

  • Seal of Biliteracy for students demonstrating competency in world language to meet Advanced and Honors Diploma requirements (starting with Class of 2016). The Seal of Biliteracy is available to students even if they do not seek an Advanced or Honors diploma. Testing will include interview, reading and writing components, and be administered by CSD professionals and university professors when appropriate.
  • Minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 for the Advanced Diploma and 3.0 for the Honors Diploma (starting with Class of 2017);

Additionally, 12th-Grade English requirements are to include one of the following courses (implemented Class of 2016):

  • – 12th Grade English Language Arts
  • – IB English
  • – AP English Language and Composition
  • – AP English Literature and Composition
  • – Creative Writing
  • – Concurrent Enrollment ENGL 1010 — Intro to Writing and HUMA 1110 — Intro to Humanities.

Middle School SALTA Program Adjustment Proposed

The Board began discussing a proposal to require middle school students test into the SALTA program, as is required of elementary SALTA students, to ensure the program meets the needs of gifted students who require specialized instruction. Current elementary SALTA students would be exempt from testing requirements, as would current Midvale SALTA students. Additionally, SALTA teachers would receive specialized professional development.

Midvale Middle Principal Frank Schofield said the districtwide magnet SALTA program is operating as an opt-in program similar to honors classes at other middle schools. He noted that in the past few years, 25 percent to 40 percent of elementary SALTA students opted not to continue SALTA at Midvale, and that some parents have expressed concern about rigor of the program. Dr. Pettersson noted 82 percent of current fifth-grade SALTA parents surveyed supported middle school SALTA testing, and found 32 percent planned to attend SLATA at Midvale next year. Schofield said he has requested and received input from the parents on his School Community Council (SCC) and PTA, and discussed ideas with his faculty about how to strengthen the program to address the needs of gifted students.

Board members discussed other possible reasons parents may not want to attend Midvale, including transportation issues. Some questioned why gifted programs are not available in every middle school. The Board will discuss the matter in a second reading in a future meeting.

Middle School Dual-Language Immersion Proposal Presented

Director of Evidence-Based Learning in Secondary Schools Dr. Hollie Pettersson and School Performance Director Mike Sirois outlined proposals and plans to continue Dual-Language Immersion services in middle schools. By next school year, Middle School Chinese DLI will be available at Draper Park, Indian Hills, and Butler; Spanish will be at Midvale, Mount Jordan and Union; and French will be available at Draper Park and Butler.

Under the proposals, students enrolled in elementary Dual-Language Immersion (DLI) programs would be guaranteed a place in the middle school program to which they’ve been assigned, but students seeking permits would be placed in an enrollment lottery. Parents would be notified Jan. 22 of each year of lottery placement. Additionally, middle school DLI would require the following DLI courses to ensure high proficiency by high school: For sixth-graders, target language and social studies daily, and humanities every other day; and for seventh- and eighth-graders, daily target language and humanities with SCOLA (a State Department training program for language specialists) every-other day. The proposals allow for electives.

Dr. Pettersson also recommended further discussion on possible optional capstone experiences for DLI students, including travel abroad or language camps at universities. DLI students could pursue other world language opportunities in high school, including 3000-level university coursework.

The board will further discuss the proposal in future meetings.

Tentative Approval Given to 2017-2018 School Calendar

The Board approved the tentative 2017-2018 School Calendar. The calendar is patterned after the 2016-2017 school calendar that the Board approved Jan. 6.

Union, Midvale Assistant Administrators Appointed

The Board appointed Brooke Rauzon, an achievement coach at East Sandy Elementary, to work as an assistant principal at Union Middle School. Rauzon replaces Chip Watts, who is transferring to Midvale Elementary as an assistant principal to replace Jessica Vidal, who resigned.

Administrator of Evaluation Leadership Discussed

The Board discussed creating a new position to implement the new state-required educator evaluation systems. The administrative position would be created for a three-year trial period, and be open to a current CSD administrator due to the knowledge of CSD evaluation systems needed for the job. Dimond noted the employee could return to a position similar to the one he or she had prior to hiring once the task is completed. The Board will continue the discussion.

The District is currently field testing the Canyons Teacher Effectiveness Support System (CTESS); developing additional components for Teacher Specialists, Achievement Coaches, Ed Techs, Library Media Specialists, Speech Language Pathologists, OTs/PTs, Counselors, and School Psychologists and a new evaluation tool for administrators; and soon will begin developing an evaluation system for educational support personnel. The evaluation systems require time commitments difficult to manage with existing resources.

Mount Jordan Property Update Provided

The Board received an architect’s proposal that would creatively utilize and develop the Mount Jordan Middle School property to maximize human, educational and community resources and district property at the site. The proposal was crafted with a Board Committee over the past two years. Currently, there are two Administration offices on opposite sides of I-15 in Sandy, which has resulted in some inefficiencies in operations and communication. Before addressing a centralized administration facility, the newly organized Board of Education said it would like to prioritize the District’s school facility needs.

Bond Authorization Proposed

CFO Leon Wilcox proposed a timeline to authorize the issuance of the remaining $42 million of the $250 million in bonds voters authorized in 2010. Under the proposal, the notice of bonds to be issued would be published Feb. 7, and the bond closing would be April 9. Wilcox noted that construction costs have risen during the life of the bond and the life of each project, but that the District will continue to stay within budget.

Board Updated about Small Building Projects, Receives 2015-2016 Proposals

Wilcox reported on current and possible future small capital projects. He noted several projects are budgeted for completion in the current fiscal year, including Commons floor repairs and a weight-room extension and Jordan High and carpeting at Jordan Valley and Draper and East Midvale elementaries. Proposals for next year’s budget include $75,000 for natural-gas shutoff valves for earthquake readiness at all schools; $250,000 for elementary security vestibule doors; $150,000 for high school security cameras; and $400,000 for slope stabilization at Lone Peak Elementary; $400,000 each for boiler replacements at Midvalley and Peruvian Park elementaries; and $400,000 for roof repairs at Brighton High.

Proposed projects include $1.4 million to add four classrooms to remove portables at Midvale Elementary; $1.5 million for Brighton football turf; and $4.2 million to build 16 classrooms at Corner Canyon to replace portables and accommodate enrollment growth. Total expenditures for all the proposals would be $14.2 million, Wilcox said.

Special Study Session Set to Review Elementary, Middle School Schedules

The Board scheduled a special Study Session to discuss recommendations from the elementary school schedule task force, and middle school principals about how to improve the middle school schedule. The public meeting is scheduled Wednesday, Jan. 28, from 5-7 p.m. in the Board Room.

Board Committee Membership Set

Board Members will serve on Board and external committees as follows:

  • President Sherril Taylor: RDA/CDA Committee, Facilities Committee, and Cities that Care — Draper;
  • Vice President Steve Wrigley: Audit Committee and Arts Consortium;
  • Second Vice President Nancy Tingey: Policy Committee and the Utah School Boards Association;
  • Chad Iverson: Policy Committee, Facilities Committee and the Canyons School District Education Foundation Board;
  • Amber Shill: Utah High School Activities Association and Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board;
  • Robert Green: Audit Committee, Policy Committee and Facilities Committee; and
  • Clareen Arnold: Audit Committee and Arts Consortium.

Board Action

The Board approved the Consent Agenda, which includes the Jan. 6 Minutes; January Hires and Terminations; December Financial Reports; the 2015 Wellness Incentive; LAND Trust Amendment; and Administrative Appointments. The Board also approved student overnight travel for CSD DECA and FBLA; Alta Cheer and Boys Soccer; Brighton Music Department; Corner Canyon Dane Company; Hillcrest Baseball; and Jordan Boys Tennis.

The Board approved the new chemistry textbook, selected unanimously by the District Textbook Committee, to accommodate high demand for the class and update materials to support student learning. The textbook also has online supports for self-testing and simulations.

The Board agreed to a recommendation from Assistant Superintendent Dr. Robert Dowdle to eliminate the districtwide Open House to celebrate students who earned Honors and Advanced Diplomas. Instead, each high school will honor the students during current recognition programs. The recommendation came following input from high school principals.

Patron Comments

Girl Scout Troop 2250 presented its Silver Award recycling project. It showed and gave Board members copies of a video troop members made as part of their award.

Midvale Middle, Peruvian Park and Hillcrest parent Stacey Kratz complimented the Board on the Midvale Middle rebuild information meeting and is excited about plans to encourage student achievement, unity, and central location for special education services. She expressed concerns about a proposal to require students to test into the districtwide middle school SALTA program at Midvale Middle, and favors allowing students to take SALTA courses if they choose. She also said she favors having specialized SALTA teachers to teach SALTA, and urged the Board to trust teachers and parents to meet student academic needs.

Mother Bekah Gardner said she feels there is too much standardized testing in education, and that the Reading Street program is too prescriptive. She also said students need more recess as part of the school day, and that not all parents on board with students using technology before age 10.

Cena Davenport, Oakdale second-grade teacher and member of the task force examining the elementary schedule, complimented the School Performance Office’s efforts to seek input from teachers regarding the schedule. She said she was in charge to gathering input from her colleagues, and said all voices were heard and taken into account in the proposal.

Patrick Christensen, field trip coordinator and member of the Canyons Education Support Professionals Association (CESPA), said he’s proud to work in CSD, and thanked the Board and Administration for their service to the community. He said CESPA wants to be a strong influence in the education of students. He urged the Board to examine building innovations in other districts and welcomed the new members to the Board.

Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent Dr. Jim Briscoe thanked the administrators, especially Dr. Pettersson, for their work to take input from the community to inform Board discussions. He gathering input takes time and is critical to governing. He thanked parents for coming to the meeting and sharing their ideas as well. He said next Wednesday is one of the first extra study sessions to allow the Board to dive into the elementary schedule, feedback and proposals. Additional study sessions may be needed for other topics to facilitate deep understanding of issues.

CFO’s Report

Wilcox thanked the Board for approving the 2015 Wellness Incentive, developed by employee associations and the CSD Insurance Department, and said he hopes it will keep insurance costs stable or decrease them in the future. He attended building meetings on Midvale Middle and Butler Elementary. He noted facilities leaders have visited the new school Christensen recommended in his public comments, and noted that one of that school’s designs will be incorporated into the rebuilt Butler Elementary. He noted Legislature begins Monday, and that updates will be provided to the Board. He also attended the USBA conference with Briscoe and Board members.

Board Reports

Iverson echoed Dr. Briscoe’s thanks for the presentations that included alternatives and pros and cons of the proposals before the Board. He noted the Salt Lake County spelling bee has a sponsor and hoped CSD schools would participate.

Arnold attended a tax education workshop. She also said that learning through the arts impacts the whole child. She noted the book, “How the Brain Learns” states that all world cultures include performing and visual arts, and they must be included in education to help students reach their full potential. She said that arts impact music, math, reading; that developing a craft boosts engagement and persistence; and that movement and dance help students make connections to other subjects.

Wrigley attended the USBA conference, and said that CSD board members took most workshops. One noted the impact of school counselors, who help boost graduation and attendance rates, decrease disciplinary actions, and help students secure scholarships and plan for the future. He would like to see data as to how our school counselors do the same, and suggested it might be worth the investment to increase the number of counselors in schools. Also enjoyed workshop on SCC roles at the Utah Association of School Community Councils conference. He said he’s looking forward to Wednesday’s study session.

Tingey attended the USBA conference, and thanked Dr. Briscoe and fellow Board members for attending as well. She learned about activities to help teach children to be more productive by creating things. She attended the County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting last week. She noted that in summer 2016, Salt Lake City will host international disabled veteran games, the largest athletic event for people with disabilities outside of the Paralympics. There will be many volunteer opportunities available. She congratulated Cottonwood Heights City on its 10th Anniversary celebration, and enjoyed the Brighton High choirs’ performance there. She said the mayor noted CSD’s creation as one of the highlights of city history. She thanked the city for its partnership. She also met with the City Council, which she said is supportive of CSD, and attended the SCC state conference.

Shill also attended the USBA conferences, and appreciated getting to know fellow board members and learning about use of technology and the arts in schools. She attended the SCC conference, and noted more people attended this year than in past. Also attended the Butler Elementary rebuilding meeting, where community attendees selected a plan they liked for part of the school.

Green attended the Lego League and Albion Middle School, where he was the “core values” judge and witnessed the work of wonderful children from all over the valley. He said Vulpini Monoceros, the Midvale Middle School-sponsored team, won the “Project Award” and that another Midvale team, NXT Brain Factory, received the Champions Award and will move on to the state competition, where he also will be a judge. He said he wished more CSD middle schools participated in Lego League. He also complimented Albion Middle School for hosting the event. He attended the Midvale Middle rebuild meeting, and enjoyed viewing the designs. He enjoyed the classes at the USBA conference. He noted that arts helped him break into other fields, and said the arts can be a critical part of science, technology, engineering and math disciplines.

Taylor thanked Schofield for addressing the Board and Christensen for his testimony, and asked Christensen to pass the Board’s appreciation to Canyons Education Association President Ross Rogers for his work.

Closed Session

The Board met in Closed Session for the purpose of discussing the purchase, exchange, or lease of real property.

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