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Board Meeting Summary, July 16, 2019

Note: Recordings and documents for agenda items can be accessed via BoardDocs by clicking on the corresponding agenda items.

Truth and Taxation Meeting Information

Business Administrator Leon Wilcox presented information to the Board of Education about the Aug. 6 Truth and Taxation meeting. Wilcox outlined the planned agenda for the hearing, which will include a presentation about the proposed adjustment and patron comments. Funds from a 13 percent increase would allow the District to put into place a new salary schedule for Canyons educators. The teacher-compensation plan, as negotiated with the Canyons Education Association, calls for a $7,665-per-year salary increase for every teacher. It also would raise the beginning-teacher’s salary to $50,000. This is the first time in Canyons District history that the District is proposing to increase the certified tax rate through the required Truth and Taxation process. The hearing will be in Board chambers at Canyons Administration Building-East, 9361 S. 300 East. 

Apex Awards

Director of Communications Jeff Haney presented information about the upcoming 10th annual Apex Awards, the highest awards given by the Board of Education and Administration. The by-invitation-only event will be Sept. 10 at Corner Canyon High. Nominations for Apex Awards are being taken until Aug. 2. 

Patron Comments

Patron Steve Van Maren asked the Board to reconsider the agenda for the night of the Truth and Taxation hearing. 

Consent Agenda

The Board of Education approved the Consent Agenda, including approval of the minutes of the Board of Education from June 18, 2019; minutes from the June 25, 2019 meeting of the Board; hire and termination reports; purchasing bids; requests for overnight travel; June financial reports; a revised organizational chart; and a revised Board meeting schedule for 2019-2020.

Board and Staff Reports

Superintendent Dr. Jim Briscoe thanked the Board of Education for the constructive criticism given in his recent performance review. He also remarked that the recent roundtable discussion was productive and yielded a robust list of possible action item for the school year. He also mentioned Brighton High’s 50th anniversary celebration on Saturday, July 20. 

Wilcox said he appreciated the feedback he received during his performance evaluation.  He also updated the Board on plans to start using biodegradable trays at all 29 elementary schools in the coming school year. The schools also are going to use silverware instead of disposable utensils. 

Board of Education Member Reports

Mrs. Clareen Arnold thanked the staff for planning the 10th birthday party for the District.  She also thanked those who are working throughout the summer to prepare schools and other facilities for the upcoming school year. 

Mr.  Steve Wrigley reported on participating in the Sandy City Fourth of July parade and the Jordan High summer academy graduation. He also said many teachers have approached him about the salary increase, saying they appreciate the consideration of providing a wage that’s comparable to other professions. 

Mrs. Amber Shill expressed appreciation to Wilcox and the Nutrition Services team for finding a solution to environmental concerns regarding the disposable lunch trays.

Mr. Mont Millerberg said the 10th birthday party for Canyons District “was killer.”

President Nancy Tingey noted the investment of parents, students, employees and community partners in the success of the District over the past 10 years.  She thanked the public for participating in the operations of the District. 

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