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CSD Special Education Creates Plan to Provide Services Across Learning Formats

Whether children are learning in-person, online, or at home with parents when school starts anew on Aug. 24, Canyons District remains dedicated to providing Special Education supports to students. Parents who have questions or concerns about how to access Special Education services are encouraged to reach out to their child’s school or the Canyons District Special Education Department at 801-826-5022.   Here is a quick rundown of how CSD’s Special Education Department will approach each of the learning opportunities provided to the Canyons community in fall 2020:   In-Person Instruction Choosing this option provides a student with all services currently documented on the

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Exceptional Teachers Recognized for Enriching the Lives of Exceptional Children

In special education, small successes lead to big successes, and they happen every single day with an exceptional group of teachers celebrating along the way. In October, Canyons District takes a moment to recognize those who give so much of themselves to ensure all children reach their potential. Over the past few weeks, CSD’s Special Education Department visited schools to surprise nine educators and related service providers with Exceptional Service Awards. This year’s awardees are exemplary of the caliber of instruction delivered each day with patience and care in schools throughout the District.   Julie Lott, Hillcrest High Julie Lott

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We’re Hiring – CSD’s Special Education Teachers Qualify for $7K in Stipends

Most teachers go into education to make a difference. But nowhere is that difference as readily apparent than in special education, believes Stacey Nofsinger. “There is nothing better than seeing your student finally grasp a concept that maybe you were working on for six weeks or six months. …to finally see them say, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s what you meant?’” says the teaching specialist. “It’s very exciting to be part of that educational journey for kids.” Is it a tough job? It can be, admits Nofsinger noting how it requires you to be adept at planning, writing goals, developing interventions,

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You’re Invited: Special Education Parent Focus Group

If you have a child who is receiving special education services in the Canyons School District, we want to know more about your experience. As part of a routine survey performed every other year by the Utah State Board of Education, the District has scheduled a focus group to receive input from parents and guardians regarding their child’s education. We value your input, so please join us (see flyer below for details). The State Board will be interested in hearing about your involvement in the IEP process, eligibility for services and transition services. You’ll also have an opportunity to provide

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Utah Offers $4,100 Stipend to Entice Qualified Special Education Teachers

Misty Suarez doesn’t mince words. She believes there is no better place to teach special education than Utah’s Canyons School District (CSD). “We have it all: Competitive salaries, coaching supports, professional development, and a focus on innovation coupled with the resources to help make it happen,” says Canyons District’s Special Education Director. “And there are as few places as safe, affordable and beautiful as the Wasatch Front to live, work, and raise a family. It’s the full package.” CSD also has plenty of special ed job openings – 16 full-time positions and 12 part-time paraeducator positions – and as an added

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